Rhode Island – 2019 – HB 5887 – Right to Read Act

Rhode Island

Creates the Right to Read Act to require certain licensed teachers to be proficient in scientific reading instruction and further require all other licensed teachers to have a cursory knowledge of scientific and structured literacy reading instruction. This act also establishes new provisions addressing the education of children with dyslexia and related disorders

2019 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists more than 75 bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2019.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, key word, status, or bill number. 
Table updated November 19, 2019

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Rhode Island – 2015 – HR 6109 – Extending Dyslexia Commission

Rhode IslandReinstating and extending the commission life and amending the membership of the special legislative commission to assess and make recommendations on the educational needs of children with dyslexia and/or reading disabilities.  This resolution  increase the membership of said commission with the addition of two (2) new members, one of whom would be a licensed psychologist, and both of whom would be appointed by the speaker of the house. The act also reinstates and extends the reporting and expiration dates of the special legislative commission.

Rhode Island – 2012 – H7541 – Dyslexia Diagnosis and Treatment

This act would enact the Rhode Island dyslexia act to establish policies and treatment for students with dyslexia in Rhode Island schools.  Provides that local education agencies must consider symptoms and diagnosis of dyslexia in developing literacy intervention plans and individual education plans.

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