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For a quick overview, try this search for “dyslexia” at the Open States web site.  It will return a list of all bills containing the word dyslexia, in reverse date order based on the most recent action on each bill.

2018 New & Pending Legislation

The table below lists bills that are pending or acted upon in various state legislatures during 2018

StateSessionBill TitleBill IDIntroducedSession EndStatusLast Action
Alaska2017-2018Dyslexia Task ForceSB 27; HB 641/25/174/15/18HB64 SB 27Passed House; pending in Senate Education Committee
D.C.2017-2018Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Screening and Prevention Pilot ProgramDC 2200791/24/1712/31/18Bill HistoryNotice of Intent to Act Published
Florida2018Comprehensive reading plans and interventionsSB 130612/19/173/9/18Legiscan SummarySenate Education Committee
Illinois2017-2018Funds for Dyslexia ScreeningHB 5071/23/175/31/18Legiscan summaryHouse Rules Committee
Indiana2018Dyslexia Provisions in IEPSB 02171/4/183/14/18Legiscan summaryHearing: Jan 24 @ 1:30 pm -Senate Education and Career Development Committee
Massachusetts2017-2018Definition of DyslexiaHB 3301/23/171/2/19Bill HistoryJoint Education Committee
Massachusetts2017-2018Relative to DyslexiaSB 3131/23/171/2/19Legiscan SummaryJoint Education Committee
Massachusetts2017-2018An Act relative to students with dyslexia.SD 1498, SB 2941/23/171/2/19Bill HistoryJoint Education Committee
Massachusetts 2017-2018Dyslexia Definition & Educational GuidelinesHB 28723/20/171/2/19Bill HistoryJoint Education Committee
Mississippi2018School District Dyslexia CoordinatorHB 251/2/184/1/18Legiscan SummaryHouse Education Committee
Mississippi2018Requirements for private schools participating in Dyslexia Scholarship ProgramHB 10181/12/184/1/18Legiscan SummaryHouse Education Committee
Missouri2018K-3 Reading Intervention ProgramHB 141712/4/175/18/18Legiscan SummarySecond Reading
Nebraska2017-2018Interim Dyslexia StudyLR 2225/10/174/2/18Bill HistoryLegislature Education Committee
New Jersey2016-2017State Dyslexia websiteSB 1333, AB 30192/11/161/9/18Bill HistorySenate Education Committee
New Jersey2016-2017DOE Pilot Program for assistive technologyAB 50236/19/171/9/18Legiscan SummaryEducation Committee
New York2017-2018Required Certification of Dyslexia TeachersAB 1480; SB 25341/12/176/20/18AB 1480 Status; SB 2534 statusAssembly Education Committee / Senate Education Committee
New York2017-2018Dyslexia DefinitionSB 5867; AB 76395/3/176/20/18Legiscan SB 5867 | AB 7639Senate Education Committee
New York2017-2018Pilot program, Dyslexia screening and InterventionAB 7086; SB 27674/4/176/20/18AB 7086 - SB 2767Assembly Education Committee / Senate Education Committee
New York2017-2018Tiered Services for Learning DisabiltiesAB 501, SB36301/9/176/20/18Legiscan A501 | Legiscan S 3630Assembly Mental Health Committee; Senate Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee
North Carolina2017-2018Kindergarten Screening for DyslexiaSB 4183/29/176/30/18 Bill HistorySenate Rules and Operations of the Senate Committee
Oklahoma2018Modifies definition of learning difficultiesSB 9291/4/18 5/25/18Oklahoma LegislaturePrefiled
Pennsylvania2017-2018Definition including dyslexiaHB 12714/4/1711/30/18Legiscan summaryHouse Education Committee
Pennsylvania2017-2018Dyslexia Intervention Pilot ProgramSB 7766/16/1711/30/18Legiscan summarySenate Education Committee
Rhode Island2018Professional Development for Reading DisablitiesHB 70071/3/186/30/18Legiscan summaryHouse Health, Education and Welfare Committee
South Carolina2017-2018Universal ScreeningHB 443412/13/175/10/18Legiscan SummaryHouse Education and Public Works Committee
South Carolina2017-2018Teacher Certification and Read to Succeed ActHB 34153/22/175/10/18Legiscan SummaryHouse Education and Public Works Committee
South Carolina2017-2018Universal Screening HB 34141/11/175/10/18Legiscan SummaryHouse Education and Public Works Committee
Virginia2018Reading Specialist -Dyslexia HB 16812/22/173/10/18Legiscan SummaryCommittee Referral Pending
Virginia2018Teacher Education - Dyslexia CourseworkSB 3681/9/183/10/18Legiscan SummaryPrefiled
Washington2017-2018Dyslexia- definition and early screeningSB 61621/10/183/8/18Legiscan summaryHearing: Jan 23 @ 1:30 pm - Senate Committee on Early Learning - Public Hearing 1/18/18

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Oklahoma – 2017 – HB 2008 – Dyslexia Handbook

Oklahoma An Act relating to education; creating the Dyslexia and Education Task Force:

There is hereby created, to continue until December 31, 2018, the “Dyslexia and Education Task Force”. The purpose of the
task force shall be to create a dyslexia handbook that will provide guidance for schools, students and parents in identification,  intervention and support of students with dyslexia through accommodations and assistive technology.

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Minnesota – 2017 – Education Dyslexia Specialist

Minnesota Minnesota has enacted a new law requiring the Department of Education to employ a dyslexia specialist to provide information and support for schools.  The law provides:

The department must employ a dyslexia specialist to provide technical assistance for dyslexia and related disorders and to serve as the primary source of information and support for schools in addressing the needs of students with dyslexia and related disorders.

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California Dyslexia Handbook Published

CaliforniaThe California Department of Education has now published its guidelines to assist regular education teachers, special education teachers, and parents to identify and assess pupils with dyslexia, and to plan, provide, evaluate, and improve educational services to pupils with dyslexia.

The 132 page handbook can be downloaded in PDF format here:

North Carolina – 2017 – HB 149 – Students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

North Carolina mapAn act to require the state board of education and local boards of education to develop tools to ensure identification of students with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Requires the State Board of Education to ensure that ongoing professional development opportunities are made available to teachers and other school personnel on the identification of and intervention strategies for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, or other specific learning disabilities.

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Article: A Critical Analysis of Dyslexia Legislation in Three States

green apple on red booksAbstract: After a multitude of studies across more than a century, researchers have failed to consistently identify characteristics or patterns that distinguish dyslexia from other decoding challenges. Many researchers and educators argue the construct is too vague and contradictory to be useful for educators. Nevertheless, attention to dyslexia in policy and practice has increased at a rapid rate; 37 states now have dyslexia laws, and national legislation was passed in 2016.

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Oregon – 2017 – SB 1003 – Kindergarten Dyslexia Screening

Oregon State and SealPrescribes requirements for screening tests related to dyslexia. Directs Department of Education to develop guidance regarding best practices related to dyslexia intervention. Directs department to submit to interim committees of Legislative Assembly report and recommendations for legislation related to screening and instructional support.

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