2020 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2020.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, key word, status, or bill number. 
Table updated February 21, 2020

StateBill TitleIntroducedStatusBill IDTrackLast Action
ArizonaLiteracy; Dyslexia; Screening2/3/20Pending SB 1491Legiscan2020-02-11
Senate ED Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (9-0-0-0)
ArizonaSchools; dyslexia; literacy2/5/20PendingSB 1544Legiscan2020-02-18
To Senate Appropriations Committee
District of ColumbiaDyslexia Screening And Prevention Pilot2/19/19PendingCouncil Bill 230150Legiscan2020-02-18 / Intro
Committee Report Filed
FloridaPrison Reform: Dyslexia Screening and Services12/19/19PendingHB 1017Legiscan2020-01-14 / Intro
To House Criminal Justice Sub Committee
FloridaDyslexia Screening1/6/20PendingSB 1438Legiscan2020-02-06
To Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education Committee
GeorgiaSchool dyslexia screenings1/17/19Pending: House EducationHB 40Legiscan 2019-01-29 - House Second Readers
IllinoisDyslexia screening & therapists
1/29/20PendingHB 4406Legiscan2020-02-18
To House Rules Committee
IowaDyslexia Education2/11/20PendingSB 2235Legiscan2020-02-19
Committee report approving bill, renumbered as [].
IowaK-12 Dyslexia Education1/28/20PendingHF 2148Legiscan2020-01-28 House Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 146.
MarylandDyslexia Handbook1/31/20PendingSB 575Legiscan2020-02-05 Senate Hearing 3/03 at 1:00 p.m.
MarylandDyslexia Handbook1/30/20PendingHB 718Legiscan2020-02-04
[Hearing: Feb 19 @ 1:00 pm]
To House Ways and Means Committee
MississippiMississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship Changes2/5/20PendingHB 579Legiscan2020-02-05 House Referred To Education
MissouriReading Success Plan1/8/20PendingHB 1336Legiscan2020-02-20 / Intro
To House Elementary And Secondary Education Committee
MissouriReading Success Plan2/13/20PendingHB 2470Legiscan2020-02-20 / Intro
To House Elementary And Secondary Education Committee
New HampshireChanges Dyslexia Screening Date1/8/20Killed in CommitteeSB454Legiscan2020-01-30 / Intro
Inexpedient to Legislate, Motion Adopted, Voice Vote === BILL KILLED ===; 01/30/2020; Senate Journal 2
New MexicoStatewide Early Reading Development1/21/20PendingSB 74Legiscan2020-02-04
To Senate Finance Committee
New YorkDyslexia Task ForceSame as AB 8786PendingSB 7093Legiscan2020-01-08 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkRequired interventions for dyslexia5/8/19PendingSB 5608Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
New YorkDyslexia Task Force11/25/19PendingAB 8786Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
New YorkRequired Dyslexia Interventions4/12/19PendingAB 7210Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
New YorkMandatory K-2 Dyslexia ScreeningSame as AB 5259PendingSB 4341Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
New YorkMandatory Dyslexia Screening2/8/19PendingAB 5259Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
New YorkRequired teacher training in dyslexia1/28/19PendingSB 2675Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
New York Disability / Definition of Dyslexia5/9/19PendingAB 7536Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
New York Establishes schools for dyslexic students in large city districts3/27/19PendingAB 6911Legiscan2020-01-08 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
OhioScreening and Intervention for Children12/4/19PendingHB 436Legiscan2019-12-10 House Refer to Committee: Health
OhioProfessional Development for Screening9/17/19PendingSB 200Legiscan2019-10-09 Senate Refer to Committee: Education
OhioDyslexia Screening Program3/12/19PendingSB 102Legiscan2019-03-21 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
OklahomaTeacher training in dyslexia2/2/20PrefiledHB 3320Legiscan2020-02-19
To House Higher Education and Career Tech Committee
OklahomaDyslexia Screening Act of 20202/3/20PendingHB 2804Legiscan2020-02-04
To House Common Education Committee
OklahomaRequired Dyslexia screening2/2/20PrefiledHB 3329Legiscan2020-02-04
To House Rules Committee
OklahomaRequired dyslexia therapist hiring2/2/20PrefiledHB 3325Legiscan2020-02-19
To House Rules Committee
OklahomaAnnual Dyslexia Awareness Training
2/2/20PrefiledHB 3143Legiscan2020-02-04
To House Common Education Committee
OklahomaDyslexia Handbook2/3/20PendingHB 2889Legiscan2020-02-04
To House Common Education Committee
South CarolinaReading Intervention1/24/19PendingSB 419Legiscan2020-02-20 / Intro
Debate interrupted
South CarolinaEarly Screening Requirements1/14/20PendingHB 4761Legiscan2020-02-20 / Intro
Committee report: Favorable with amendment Education and Public Works
South DakotaDefine Dyslexia1/30/20Pending HB 1175Legiscan2020-02-21
[Hearing: Feb 21]
To House Education Committee
TennesseeExtend Dyslexia Advisory Board1/16/20PendingSB 1670Legiscan2020-02-20 / Intro
To Senate Calendar Committee
TennesseeExtend Dyslexia Advisory Board1/21/20PendingHB 1748Legiscan2020-02-03
[Hearing: Feb 4 @ 3:00 pm]
To House Calendar and Rules Committee
TennesseeTiered Dyslexia Intervention2/5/19Pending SB 760Legiscan2019-03-27 Senate Assigned to General Subcommittee of Senate Education Committee
TennesseeLiteracy Instruction Requirements2/3/20PendingHB 2229Legiscan2020-02-19 / Intro
To House Curriculum, Testing, & Innovation Sub Committee
TennesseeLiteracy Instruction Requirements2/3/20PendingSB 2160Legiscan2020-02-10
To Senate Education Committee
VermontDyslexia Screening, teacher training2/26/19PendingHB 406Legiscan2019-02-26 House Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Education
VirginiaReading Diagnostic Tests Grades K-11/1/20Passed HouseHB 332Legiscan2020-02-18
[Hearing: Feb 20]
To Senate Education: Public Education Committee
VirginiaImproving Dyslexia Intervention1/8/20PendingSB 904Legiscan2020-02-13 / Engross
To House Education: Post-Secondary and Higher Ed Committee
WashingtonImplementation of Early Screening1/3/20PendingHB 2290Legiscan2020-02-05 / Intro
To House Rules Committee
WashingtonStatewide implementation of early screening 12/20/19Passed SenateSB 6101Legiscan2020-02-14
To House Education Committee
West VirginiaDyslexia & Dyscalculia Assessment2/11/20Pending HB 4843Legiscan2020-02-18
To House Finance Committee
WisconsinScreening correctional inmates for dyslexia.11/8/19PendingSB 553Legiscan2019-11-08
To Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee
WisconsinEmploying State Dyslexia Specialist2/28/19PendingAB 50Legiscan2019-03-18 - Fiscal estimate received
WisconsinRequired employment of dyslexia specialist12/2/19PendingAB 635Legiscan2020-02-12
To House Education Committee
WisconsinOnline Dyslexia Awareness Training11/15/19PendingAB 601Legiscan2019-11-25
To House Education Committee
WisconsinDyslexia Guidebook3/22/19EnactedAB 110Legiscan2020-02-06
Published 2-6-2020
WisconsinPrograms to identify and address pupils with dyslexia in public schools11/22/19PendingSB 571Legiscan2019-12-12 Senate Fiscal estimate received
WisconsinReading Readiness Assessments11/22/19PendingSB 578Legiscan2020-01-22 / Intro
To Senate Universities, Technical Colleges, Children and Families Committee
WisconsinOnline Dyslexia Awareness Training11/8/19PendingSB 552Legiscan2019-12-03 Senate Fiscal estimate received
WisconsinReading Readiness Assessments12/2/19PendingAB 632Legiscan2020-02-12 / Intro
To House Education Committee
WisconsinPrograms to identify and address pupils with dyslexia in public schools11/15/19PendingAB 604Legiscan2020-02-12
To House Education Committee
WisconsinRequired employment of dyslexia specialist11/22/19PendingSB 579Legiscan2020-01-22
[Hearing: Jan 22 @ 9:30 am]
To Senate Universities, Technical Colleges, Children and Families Committee
WisconsinScreening correctional inmates for dyslexia.11/15/19PendingAB 602Legiscan2019-11-15
To House Corrections Committee

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