2021 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2021.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, keyword, status, or bill number. 
Table updated April 15, 2021

For a searchable table of US State laws on dyslexia enacted or amended in previous years, see our page, State Dyslexia Laws.

StateBill TitleBill IDStatusCurrentXRefTracking Last Action
AlabamaLiteracy: postponing third grade retentionSB 94IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-13
To House Education Policy Committee
AlaskaEarly Literacy and Reading InterventionHB 164IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-07 House REFERRED TO EDUCATION
ArizonaDyslexia ScreeningHB 2137IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-01-20
[Hearing: Jan 26 @ 2:00 pm]
To House Appropriations Committee
ArizonaAppropriation; dyslexia and literacy servicesSB 1292IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-02-17
Senate third reading FAILED voting: (15-15-0-0)
ArizonaSchool Promotion & IEPHB 2063Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-03-24
To Senate Appropriations Committee
ArizonaLiteracy; dyslexia screeningSB 1403Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2021-03-23
House minority caucus: Do pass
ArizonaEarly LiteracySB 1572Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2021-03-16
To House Rules Committee
ArkansasArkansas Child Academic Opportunity Scholarship And Grant ActHB 1371IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-17 House Clincher Motion Fails of Adoption
ArkansasSupport Dogs for Dyslexic Child WitnessesHB 1497IntroducedPassed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-03-16
To Senate Judiciary Committee
ArkansasSpecialized Dyslexia InstructionSB 660IntroducedSenateHB 1891Legiscan2021-04-08 Senate Read first time, rules suspended, read second time, referred to EDUCATION COMMITTEE - SENATE
ArkansasDyslexia GuidanceHB 1901IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-14
[Hearing: Apr 15 @ 9:30 am]

ArkansasSpecialized Dyslexia InstructionHB 1891Passed HouseSenateSB 669Legiscan2021-04-14
To Senate Education Committee
CaliforniaTeacher credentialing: reading instructionSB 488IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-05 Senate April 5 hearing: Placed on APPR suspense file.
CaliforniaDyslexia ScreeningSB 237IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-03-22
To Senate Appropriations Committee
Connecticut Implement Dyslexia Task Force FindingsHB 6517IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-06 House Favorable Report, Tabled for the Calendar, House
Connecticut Right to Read & Opportunity GapsHB 6620IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-05
To Joint Appropriations Committee
Connecticut Implement Dyslexia Task Force FindingsSB 713IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-01-29 Senate Referred to Joint Committee on Higher Education and Employment Advancement
Connecticut Implement Dyslexia Task Force FindingsSB 439IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-01-27 Senate Referred to Joint Committee on Education
District of ColumbiaDyslexia Screening And Prevention PilotCouncil Bill 230150EnactedAct A23-0548Legiscan2021-01-01 Council Act A23-0548 Published in DC Register Vol 68 and Page 00115
FloridaStudent LiteracySB 1898IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-12
[Hearing: Apr 15 @ 9:00 am]
To Senate Appropriations Committee
FloridaStudent LiteracyHB 7011IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-13
Added to Education & Employment Committee agenda
FloridaDyslexia ScreeningHB 225 IntroducedHouseSB 580Legiscan2021-03-02
1st Reading (Original Filed Version)
FloridaDyslexia ScreeningSB 580IntroducedSenateHB 225Legiscan2021-03-02
To Senate Education Committee
Florida Coordinated Dyslexia ScreeningSB 1282IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-12
To Senate Appropriations Committee
IllinoisDyslexia ScreeningHB 3324IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-12
To House Rules Committee
IllinoisCorrections - Dyslexia ScreeningHB 3579IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-27 House Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
KansasEligibility for At-Risk ServicesSB 173IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-03-05
Senate Withdrawn from Committee on Federal and State Affairs and re-referred to Committee of the Whole
KentuckyServices for twice exceptional studentsHB 371IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-02-04 House to Committee on Committees (H)
KentuckyRead to Succeed ActSB 115Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2021-02-26
To House Committee On Committees Committee
LouisianaDyslexia ReportingHB 170IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-12
To House Education Committee
Louisiana Early LiteracySB 222IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-12
To Senate Education Committee
MarylandEarly Literacy and Dyslexia PracticesSB 126CarryoverSenateHB 237; SB 575Legiscan2021-01-06 Senate Hearing 1/27 at 11:00 a.m.
MarylandEarly Literacy and Dyslexia PracticesHB 237Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-02-17 Senate Referred Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
MinnesotaReading Proficiency HF 651IntroducedHouseSF 1898Legiscan2021-04-14
[Hearing: Apr 15 @ 9:00 am]
[Hearing: Apr 19 @ 10:00 am]
To Senate Appropriations Committee
MinnesotaRequiring teacher prepration to include dyslexia instructionSF 220IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-01-25
To Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee
MinnesotaEducation ImprovementHF 1081IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-22
To House Education Finance Committee
Minnesota Reading ProficiencySF 1898Introduced SenateHF 651Legiscan2021-03-08 Senate Referred to Education Finance and Policy
Mississippi Meeting Needs of Dyslexic StudentsSB 2308FailedLegiscanDied in Committee
Mississippi School Education StepsHB 754DetailsGovernorLegiscan2021-04-09
Approved by Governor
Mississippi Educator Dyslexia Awareness ActHB 426FailedLegiscanDied in Committee
Mississippi Amendments to Dyslexia LawsSB 2307FailedLegiscan2021-03-02 House Died In Committee
MissouriReading Success PlanSB 54IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-15
Formal Calendar S Bills for Perfection w/SCS
MissouriRepeal of Obsolete or Expired ProvisionsHRB 1Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-04-08 / Engross
Second read and referred: Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight(S)
MissouriReading Success PlanHB 368IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-13
[Hearing: Apr 13 @ 8:00 am]
HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
MissouriReading Success PlanHB 312IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-04 / Intro
To House Elementary And Secondary Education Committee
MissouriRepeal of Obsolete or Expired ProvisionsSRB 216IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-03-04
Voted Do Pass S Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee
New JerseyState Dyslexia WebsiteAB 2868IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2020-02-20 Assembly Introduced, Referred to Assembly Health Committee
New MexicoDyslexia & Gifted EducationSB 289Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2021-03-17
HEC: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation
New YorkSchool Intervention and Special CurriculumSB 1926 (same as AB 556) IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan 2021-01-16 - Introduced & Referred to Committee
New YorkEstablishes Schools for DyslexiaAB 838IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2021-01-06 Assembly referred to education
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningSB 1293IntroducedSenateAB 2283Legiscan2021-01-11 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkDyslexia Task ForceAB 2185IntroducedAssemblySB 441Legiscan2021-01-14 Assembly referred to education
New YorkIncarceration - Dyslexia Screening and InterventionAB 2062IntroducedSenateSB 307Legiscan2021-02-22
To Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningAB 2283IntroducedSenateAB 2283Legiscan2021-01-14 Assembly referred to education
New YorkSchool Intervention and Special CurriculumAB 556IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2021-01-06 Assembly referred to education
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningAB 1380IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2021-01-08 Assembly referred to education
New YorkTeacher Training in DyslexiaSB 1285IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-01-11 - REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkIncarceration - Dyslexia Screening and IntervenionSB 307IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-01-06 Senate REFERRED TO CRIME VICTIMS, CRIME AND CORRECTION
New YorkDyslexia Task ForceSB 441IntroducedSenateAB 2185Legiscan2021-01-06 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New York Tiered Eligibility for Disability ServicesSB 5079IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-02-23 - REFERRED TO DISABILITIES
North DakotaDyslexia Specialist Teacher CredentialsHB 1131EnactedDetailsLegiscan | North Dakota Legislature
OhioEducational Testing and RetentionHB 73IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-02-10 House Refer to Committee: Primary and Secondary Education
OklahomaDyslexia HandbookHB 2223Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-03-23
[Hearing: Mar 23 @ 9:00 am]
Reported Do Pass Education committee; CR filed
OklahomaDyslexia HandbookHB 1769IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-02-02
To House Common Education Committee
OregonStandardized Testing K-2SB 596IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-04-07
To Senate Education Committee
Rhode IslandDyslexia ScreeningHB 5314IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-02-24
To House Education Committee
Rhode IslandHealth Insurance for Neuropsych examHB 5904IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-16
To House Corporations Committee
Rhode IslandOrton-Gillingham Public SchoolsHB 5840IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-31
To House Education Committee
Rhode IslandCharter School for DyslexiaHB 5839IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-07
To House Education Committee
Rhode IslandDyslexia ScreeningHB 5317IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-23 House Committee recommended measure be held for further study
South CarolinaEarly literacy and numeracy screeningHB 3613Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2021-02-03 / Engross
To Senate Education Committee
TennesseeIEPs for DyslexiaHB 751IntroducedHouseSB 1158Legiscan2021-03-30
Taken off notice for cal in s/c Education Instruction Subcommittee of Education Instruction
TennesseeExpands Individualized Education Act for DyslexiaSB 1158IntroducedSenateHB 751Legiscan2021-02-22
To Senate Education Committee
Tennessee Literacy Success ActSB 7003 EnactedDetailsPub. Ch. 3Legiscan | Tennessee General Assembly2021-02-03
Signed by Governor.
Tennessee Dyslexia Advisory Council - Annual ReportHB 795IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-04-07
To House Calendar and Rules Committee
Tennessee Dyslexia Advisory Council - Annual ReportSB 1377IntroducedSenateHB 795Legiscan2021-04-13
To Senate Calendar Committee
TexasRemote Dyslexia ServicesSB 40Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2021-04-14
Received from the Senate
TexasRemote Services by Licensed Dyslexia PractitionersSB 434IntroducedSenateHB 1990Legiscan2021-03-09 Senate Referred to Business & Commerce
TexasImproved Teacher TrainingHB 159IntroducedHouseSB 180Legiscan2021-04-01 / Intro
Committee report sent to Calendars
TexasReport on literacy among prison inmatesHB 265IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-02-25
To House Corrections Committee
TexasImproved Teacher TrainingSB 180IntroducedSenateHB 159Legiscan2021-03-03 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
TexasData Reporting - At Risk & Students with Dyslexia HB 4262IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-29
To House Public Education Committee
TexasTeacher Continuing EducationHB 3804IntroducedHouseSB 1267Legiscan2021-04-06
[Hearing: Apr 6 @ 8:00 am]
To House Public Education Committee
TexasRemote Services by Licensed Dyslexia PractitionersHB 1990IntroducedHouseSB 434Legiscan2021-03-15 / Intro
To House Public Health Committee
TexasTeacher Continuing EducationSB 1267IntroducedSenateHB 3804Legiscan2021-04-13
To Senate Education Committee
TexasEligibility for Special Education ServicesSB 1694IntroducedSenateHB 3880Legiscan2021-03-26 Senate Referred to Education
TexasEligibility for Special Education ServicesHB 3880IntroducedHouseSB 1694Legiscan2021-04-13
[Hearing: Apr 13 @ 8:00 am]

No action taken in committee
TexasDyslexia Screening & Parental RightsSB 1693IntroducedSenateHB 3870Legiscan2021-03-26 Senate Referred to Education
TexasDyslexia Screening & Parental RightsHB 3870Introduced HouseSB 1693Legiscan2021-03-24 House Referred to Public Education
TexasVideoconferencing - Dyslexia TherapistsSB 467Introduced SenateLegiscan2021-03-09 Senate Referred to Business & Commerce
US CongressDyslexia Pilot ProgramHB 2023IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-18 House Referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor.
VermontDyslexia ScreeningHB 375IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-09 House Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Education
VermontDyslexia ScreeningSB 75IntroducedSenateLegiscan2021-02-10 Senate Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Education
VirginiaSchool Reading Intervention ServicesHB 1865EnactedDetailsLegiscan | Virginia Legislature2021-03-18
Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 167 (effective 7/1/21)
VirginiaIEP RequirementsHB 2299EnactedDetailsLegiscan2021-03-30 / Pass
Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 451 (effective 7/1/21)
VirginiaReading Diagnostic Tests Grades K-1HB 332Passed HouseSenateLegiscan 2020-02-27 - Continued to 2021 in Education and Health (14-Y 0-N 1-A)
VirginiaIEP RequirementsSB 1288EnactedDetailsLegiscan2021-03-30 / Pass
Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 452 (effective 7/1/21)
West VirginiaDyslexia & Dyscalculia Assessment HB 2824IntroducedHouseLegiscan2021-03-02 House To House Education

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