Science of Reading

“[H]ard questions need to be asked about what is being taught in the name of “the science of reading”, and why. … It is especially important to examine the tenets of the SoR now because they are being implemented via legislation and regulation. As in these other cases, recognition of the flaws in an approach is an important step toward change….

“[A]bout the expression “the science of reading”:  The term isn’t in wide use among researchers. There isn’t a field called “the science of reading” and people rarely identify as “reading scientists,” in my experience.In reading education, the term has been taken up by a movement (often abbreviated SoR) to reform instruction, teacher education and curricula. This movement/ approach is not the same as the body of research about reading. For one thing, the former has as yet incorporated very little of the latter.”

Marc Seidenberg, About the science in the “Science of Reading”, Reading Matters, March 31, 2023.