Position Statements

This web site is maintained by Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI) as a public service.  We created this site because we wanted to be able to track the progress of legislation in the U.S. that concerns dyslexia and might impact our work or the people we serve, and we could not find an easy way to do that online.

DDAI is a private, nonpartisan organization.  That is, we are not affiliated with any political party or interest group, and we do not receive funds to support lobbying effort or contribute as an organization to any political campaigns.   We do, however, support laws  that help dyslexic children and adults in any way, and of course we oppose laws that would hurt or limit the opportunities of dyslexic people.

DDAI will indicate its position on some legislation, based on our interpretation of the law and our opinion on how it may impact our work and the people we serve.  Ordinarily, we will indicate our position as falling within one of three categories;

  • SUPPORT:  When we support a bill, it is because we believe that the law will improve opportunities for dyslexic individuals.
  • SUPPORT WITH RESERVATIONS:  In some cases, we may find that we can support only part of a bill.  If we feel that the overall intent of the bill is good, but we have concerns about specific provisions, we will indicate those concerns.
  • OPPOSE:  If we feel that a bill will make life more difficult for dyslexic individuals or make it harder for us to help them, then we will indicate our opposition.

Please note that we don’t have any formal process for determining our position to a bill.   We just read the proposed law and form an opinion from the text of the bill.   That means that in some cases we might be persuaded that we have made a mistake and change our minds if we receive new information.  So, if you have a differing point of view and wish to make your concerns known, please feel free to post a comment on the page for that bill.

Please note that we moderate comments to avoid spam, but we welcome intelligent and respectful discussion, and we don’t censor messages simply because they express an opposing point of view.  So don’t be afraid to contribute, even if you don’t see your message showing up in the comments section right away.  Usually, after your first post has been approved, later comments will be posted immediately, as long as you continue to post with the same user name and email combination.

Our Positions Explained: