Arizona-2018- HB2520-School Reading Requirements

ArizonaMakes various changes to the K-3 Reading Program.

  1. Requires, applicants for elementary teaching certificates to complete 45 classroom hours, or three credit hours, in reading instruction, including training on assessments, instructional practices and interventions to improve student reading proficiency.

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Arizona – 2017 – SB 1131 – Schools – Retention and Remediation

Reading instruction, retention & intervention: Specifies that a pupil should not be promoted from the third grade if the pupil does no demonstrate sufficient reading skills on statewide assessments.  A pupil who is not retained due to the unavailability of test data must receive evidence-based  intervention and remedial strategies if the third grade assessment data subsequently demonstrates that the pupil does not demonstrate sufficient reading skills. 

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2018 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or acted upon in various state legislatures during 2018
Table updated November 12, 2018

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Arizona – 2015 – SB 1461 – Reading Assistance for Dyslexic Pupils

ArizonaSB 1461 establishes exemptions to Move on When Reading competency requirements for students in the process of being placed in special education and students diagnosed with a reading impairment. This bill prevents dyslexic students from being denied promotion to the next grade because of their reading difficulties.

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