Oklahoma – 2017 – HB 2008 – Dyslexia Handbook

Oklahoma An Act relating to education; creating the Dyslexia and Education Task Force:

There is hereby created, to continue until December 31, 2018, the “Dyslexia and Education Task Force”. The purpose of the
task force shall be to create a dyslexia handbook that will provide guidance for schools, students and parents in identification,  intervention and support of students with dyslexia through accommodations and assistive technology.

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Oklahoma – 2012 – HB3090 – Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

The introduced version of House Bill 3090 clarifies that acceptance of a Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship will have the same effect as parental revocation of consent to service through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and that the amount of a scholarship will be prorated to reflect the number of school days remaining if the scholarship is granted after the beginning of the school year.

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