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If you have an issue, question or concern that is not related to a specific piece of legislation, feel free to post below.

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  1. Also, why is dyslexia spelled as dyslegia on the top of the webpage? Is that an honest mistake, or is it purposely spelled that way to possibly represent how a dyslexic child may spell it as dyslegia instead of correctly spelling it as dyslexia?

    • Angela, this is a website focused on tracking and reporting on legislation related to dyslexia.

      Dyslegia is a play on words, combining the word “dyslexia” with the root “legis” in legislate.

      Our primary website is called — so dyslegia is also a play on the name of our main website.

      As you can see from site heading, the name of this site is “Dyslegia: A Legislative Information Site”

  2. I am a parent of a dyslexic child who is now, finally in 7th grade, doing well in a private school for children with learning differences. However, it is very expensive. I have been told the tuition may be tax deductible with a documentation from a physician. I am looking for a sample letter to use as a guideline for our physician. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jennifer, you can find information in IRS publication 502 — – under the topic “Special Education”. You would need a letter from a doctor specifically recommending that your child attend that school, for the primary purpose of overcoming learning disabilities. I think that the letter simply would need to track the language in the IRS publication.

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