State Dyslexia Laws

Listed below are current state laws related to dyslexia. You can click on column heads to re-order the list. as needed.

If you know of a specific statute that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below.

You will also find reports and publications issued by various states here:  Resource Links: State Educational Resources.

Table updated July 14, 2021

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State Educational Resources

Arkansas 2021 HB1497 Support Dogs for Witnesses

Outline of Arkansas

Expanding The Permitted Use Of A Certified Facility Dog For Vulnerable Witnesses: Allows use of a specially trained support dog to provide companionship for courtroom witnesses with enumerated disabilities, including dyslexia.

2021 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2021.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, keyword, status, or bill number. 
Table updated July 25, 2021

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Arkansas-2019-SB664/677-Youth & Prisoners

Outline of Arkansas

These two bills require that youths committed to the division of Youth Services and adult prison inmates receive reading assessments and dyslexia screenings; to be provided with reading and dyslexia services; and to require that Youth Services and state Corrections teachers know best practices of scientific reading instruction.

Arkansas – 2019 – SB 153 – Science-Based Reading Programs

An act concerning school-level improvement plans and the right to read act; to require that a public school include in its annual school-level improvement plan a literacy plan; to require that the curriculum, professional development, and graduate studies recommendations for a public school district and open-enrollment public charter school be in accordance with the science of reading; to require that the department of education create an approved list of curriculum programs that are supported by the science of reading; and for other purposes.