State Dyslexia Laws

Listed below are laws that are currently on the books related to dyslexia. You can click on column heads to re-order the list. as needed.

If you know of a specific statute that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below.

Please don’t ask us whether there  in states that are not on this list. If we knew about such laws, they would already be listed. We’ll try to post any new information we receive right away.

If you would like to learn about ways to support new legislation in your own state, please join the Decoding Dyslexia movement by visiting

StateYear of EnactmentTitle or SubjectCitation
Colorado2008Assessment and identification of students with literacy challenges including dyslexiaColorado Revised Statutes 22-2-133
Mississippi1994; amended 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2007Pilot programs for testing and educational remediation for dyslexia and related disorders.
Mississippi Code 37-23-15
Washington 2009Individuals with dyslexia — Identification and instruction Revised Code of Washington 28A.300.530
Louisiana2009Universal dyslexia screening and intervention - Pilot ProgramLouisiana Revised Statutes 17:24.11
Louisiana1986; amended 1987, 1989, 1990, 2003, 2005Testing pupils' sight and hearing; testing for dyslexia;Lousiana Rev. Statutes 17:2112
Louisiana2009; amended 2010Decisions of Board of Parole: Exempting individuals with dyslexia from certain conditions premised on educational attainmentLouisiana Rev Statutes 15:574.4.2 (E)
Louisiana1975; numerous amendments through 2010Duties of State Board of Elementary and Secondary EducationRevised Statutes 17:7(11)
Louisiana1992; amended 1997SCREENING AND INTERVENTION FOR SCHOOL SUCCESSRevised Statutes 17:392.1
Massachusetts1983Exempting students with dyslexia from standardized college entrance examsMassachusetts General Laws Ch 15A Sec. 30
New Mexico2010Intervention for students displaying characteristics of dyslexia.NMSA 23-13-32 (Intervention); 22-13-6 (Definition of Dyslexia)
Texas2011Educator Preparation for DyslexiaAmendments to Texas Education Code Section 21.044 and 21.054
Texas2011Retesting Students for DyslexiaAmendment to Texas Education Code 38.003
Texas2011Classroom technology for dyslexiaTexas Education Code Section 38.0031
Texas2011Retesting University students for dyslexiaTexas Education Code Section 51.9701
Oklahoma2012Pilot Dyslexia Teacher Training ProgramOklahoma Statutes, Title 70, Section 7001, Effective July 1, 2012
Wyoming2012Assessment and Early InterventionW.S. 21-3-110(a)(xxiii) (amended); W.S. 21-3-401(a), (c), (d) (amended and added); Effective July 1, 2012
Ohio2012Pilot Project - Early Intervention and ScreeningRevised Code 3323.01 (amended); Revised Code 3323.25 (added); Effective March 22, 2012
Kentucky2012Early Education Assessment and InterventionKRS CHAPTER 158.305 (Added), KRS 157.200 (Amended)
California1990; amended 2007Teacher Training: "Encourages" universities and schools to provide training in recognizing and teaching for dyslexiaCalifornia Education Code 44227.7 and 56245
California1992; amended 2011Definitions and Eligibility for Special Education ServicesCal. Ed. Code 56245 and 56337
Missouri2012Policy for Reading InterventionMissouri Revised Statutes, Section 167.268
Illinois2014Definition of Dyslexia and Advisory groupIllinois School Code 2-3.160
Tennessee2014Dyslexia Screening and Early Intervention Pilot ProgramP.L. 773, No. 69

39 thoughts on “State Dyslexia Laws

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone have any information regarding the position on dyslexia of the state of Montana?

    Thank you kindly,

    Allyson Earnest

    • Dear Allyson,

      Hello. My name is Kelly Fedge DuBose. I am involved with the world of dyslexia based on a decade of work in this state. I live in Bozeman and work with Decoding Dyslexia to help support families and advocate for better laws and education for our children.

      I would like to connect with you if you are interested.

      For the kids,

  2. We moved to SC from PA, where my son was tested and diagnosed with Dyslexia. He is required to have a “specifically designed instruction by the reading specialist to provide a systematic multisensory research based approach” which means he needs a program like the Orton-Gillingham program because he has a great deal of decoding issues, which also affects how he does math facts. The school is telling me that they don’t have to provide these services for him, because SC doesn’t “really treat Dyslexia as a learning disability.” As an educator myself, this is very frustrating. If this was previously in the IEP from PA, doesn’t SC have to comply and provide a progressive, systematic multisensory researched based reading program for him? Not necessarily Orton-Gillingham, but it could be Read 180 or another research based reading program that also has a multisensory approach to learning, correct? I have is IEP meeting today for his new IEP plan for SC school he is currently attending and my plan, is that I am not signing anything today (my right) so that I can make sure he is getting what he needs, to be a successful 5th grade student, regardless of how SC classifies him. They refused to further test him for the Auditory Processing Skills as suggested by the Speech Therapist in PA. Prior to our move, he was tested for the baseline test for the Auditory Processing Skills and it was suggested by that therapist that he receive a full exam. They refuse to do so here…why? Why is SC so far behind in recognizing Dyslexia and the dynamics behind the LD?

    • South Carolina set up a task force for dyslexia in 2011 — here is a link to their final report: Dyslexia Task Force Final Report. Although there have not been any laws passed implementing those recommendations, that will give a good sense as to what has happened so far in the state and what can be expected for the future.

      If you need specific help with your son, as he already has an IEP you may want to get help from the Protection & Advocacy agency for South Carolina — their web site is

    • Micheal Yudin addressed this in an interview and a letter

      and since this is on the SC DOE website, I think the school is wrong:
      K. Specific Learning Disabilities
      1. Definition
      Specific Learning disability means a disorder in one of more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, that may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think,
      speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathematical calculations, including
      conditions such as perceptual disabilities, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia.
      2. Eligibility Criteria
      a. There is evidence that the child does not achieve adequately for his/her age or to meet state-approved grade level standards in one or more of
      the following areas: Basic reading skills, Reading fluency, Reading comprehension, Mathematics calculation, Mathematics problem-solving, Written
      expression, Oral expression, or Listening comprehension; and either
      (1) does not make sufficient progress to meet age or state-approved grade-level standards when using a process based on the child’s response
      to scientific, research-based intervention, or
      (2) exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance, achievement, or both, relative to age, state-approved grade-level standards, or intellectual development, that is determined by the group to be relevant to the identification of a specific learning disability, using appropriate assessments.
      b. The child’s underachievement is not due to: visual, hearing, or motor disability; intellectual disability; emotional disability; cultural factors; environmental or economic disadvantage; limited English proficiency; or lack of appropriateinstruction in reading or math.
      c. The adverse effects of the learning disability on the child’s educational performance require specialized instruction and/or related service

  3. I’ve been fighting with my schools for 5 years with my mother, we have tried everything to let the school get me a 504, we have an advocate and I have been outside tested 4 times and I have Visual motor integration and my school has this thing where they rate if you need a 504 with the numbers 1-4 and add a comment why they think that. well my school based there comment on my grades “a,b’s” but am I really learning the information or mermoizing it? I’m not learning it. but this was my 2nd time being denied a 504 do you have an laws for London Virginia?

  4. I am looking for some information to help me with getting my child tested for dyslexia. She has been showing signs since she was in Pre-K and I have put in a formal request to have her tested for dyslexia as well as special ed. The school is still wanting to “Assess” my child. I am wondering what the laws are for a parent and a child to get a child tested.

    • Rachel, federal law requires schools to identify children with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, and sets forth the procedures to be followed. Depending on where you live, there may be additional state laws that apply.

  5. I am a native Montanan currently living in Bozeman Montana and working in the area of dyslexia. I have been a parent advocate for children with dyslexia two of my own and many others for over a decade. I am hoping you can explain the non listing for Montana. I am wondering if there are any laws or bills in process for the state of Montana. I have been researching and have not been able to find any l was regrading dyslexia. I hope it is my inability to navigate and now simply reality.

    THANK YOU so much for your help!

    • Kathy, we only report the laws — we can’t help make them! If you would like to see laws passed in your state, then you can start by contacting your representative in your state legislature. If you scroll down the left side of the page on our site, you will find links to advocacy organizations and resources for your state. The Montana state legislature meets only in odd-numbered years and has already adjourned for 2013, so it is not currently in session. That means that you have plenty of time if you would like to begin to work for positive change in your state.

      A good starting point would be to join the Decoding Dyslexia movement for your state — you can learn more about activities in Montana at their facebook page, here:

    • We generally add recently passed laws near the end of the year when they were passed. This is because there is typically a lag time between the date of passage of the bill, and publication in the permanent statutes. We like to be able to set up a link to the actual law in the books that will persist over time. In the meantime, you can always read the text of the bill by clicking the link to view the laws that passed this year. (“Enacted – Current Session”).

    • Sorry, we still don’t have any information about any legislation pending in Michigan in our database. If it isn’t posted on our site already, it means that we do not have the information.

  6. Here are some links to Michigan resources:

    I have done a word search at the Michigan legislature web site and cannot find any laws or pending bills which contain the word “dyslexia”.

    Here’s a link to the Michigan legislature web site if you would like to get in touch with your state representative:

  7. Could you please tell me if there is a law pertaining to dyslexia in Michigan? If not is there any pending legislation and what group is working on it. Thanks for your help.

  8. Here’s a link to the only law in Missouri that references the word “dyslexia” — it is section 167.268:

    That statute governs school policies for reading interventions and provides:

    The state board of education shall develop guidelines to assist districts in formulating policies for reading intervention plans. Such guidelines may include, but are not limited to, timelines for measuring pupil improvement in reading, information on screening for and treatment of auditory dyslexia, and information on the Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization Test and the Auditory Discrimination in Depth Program

    Please note that the language of the statute is permissive, not mandatory. That is, it allows but does not require the development of guidelines related to one form of dyslexia.

    We have added this law to our database above.

  9. I was researching information on dyslexia in the state of Missouri and am having trouble finding any legislation. I do know that our state does not recognize dyslexia as a learning disability, but was hoping to at least get some idea if legislation was ever discussed. Any idea where I might find such information?

    • Those are excellent questions, but we don’t track that sort of information on this web site. (We only keep track of the legislative process, not what happens after the laws are on the books).

      The best thing for you to do would be to use the links to read the law, to find out the name of the state panel or agency designated to manage the program or collect the data. Then do a web search for the name of the agency to find web site or contact information – and try to call or email the agency to ask whether that information is available or published anywhere.

  10. Is there any data available on the Texas Screening law from 1995? As in how many kids have they identified etc?

  11. I have two dyslexic children and I was wondering if there are any laws reguarding Dyslexia in Tennessee. If not, why not and how can we change that?

  12. Kelli

    I am a member of the Iowa Branch of the International Dyslexia Association and we have just started a parent/teacher advocacy group in the Quad Cities (Bettendorf) Iowa with one goal being to launch legislation for Iowa. Please email me at for more information.

  13. Kelly, here’s a link to a summary of a bill that was introduced in Iowa in 2009 but died in committee:

    The bill was sponsored by the Republican Senate Minority Leader, Paul McKinley — there is a link to his contact information at the top of the page.

    I would suggest that a good first step to find out about dyslexia laws in Iowa would be to contact his office.

  14. Are there any laws in Iowa concerning Dyslexia? Is there a group working on getting dyslexia laws passed in Iowa? Any information would be helpful! THANKS

  15. Hi,
    I am a Reading Specialist and have two sons with Dyslexia. I do not see Pennsylvania on your list of State Dyslexia Laws. Does this mean that they do not have any laws related to Dyslexia?
    Thank you,
    Heather McGinn

    • If a state law or pending legislation related to dyslexia is not listed here, it is because we haven’t found any information on one. That’s not the same as saying it doesn’t exist; our web site is comprehensive but not perfect.

  16. You will have to follow the links to read the statute on your own. This page is provided as a service to help you find the laws that are on the books, but we cannot offer explanation or interpretation as to what they mean.

  17. Hello,
    I am interested in learning about the Colorado state laws on dyslexia. The above revised statue is unclear to me. Thank you for any clarification.
    Elizabeth Dekanich
    Reading Specialist

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