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  1. Could you direct me to any resources or websites that explain why a few states are not implementing dyslexia legislation? This is for a paper I am writing. Thank you in advance.

    • Laura, most states have dyslexia laws, but for the few states that don’t, you might try searching the state name on our site. For example, Hawaii is one of the states without a specific dyslexia law. If you search for Hawaii, you’ll find three entries about bills that were introduced in past legislative sessions. You can follow those links to find out more about the history of those bills.

      Here’s a link for that search:

  2. You would need to contact the agency to determine what their procedure is for public comment on proposed regulatory changes. Typically the agency will publish its proposed rules, and then there will be a period during which public comments can be submitted. Sometimes they may hold public hearings.

  3. What can you do if your state proposes changing how one of the 13 categories of disabilities is defined, evaluated & identified?

  4. Is there any options for young children to recieve assistance, outside of the individualized plan ? More specific to helping with the Dyslexic issues ?

  5. I don’t have the time to monitor dyslexia legislation like I would like. This site is such a time saver for me. Thank you!!

  6. Dyslexia is spelled wrong at the top of the page that says ‘Dyslegia: A Legislative Information Site’

    Dyslegia: A Legislative Information Site

    New US & State Laws about Dyslexia and Reading Education

    I copied and pasted it in this feedback form.

    • Cepia, the name of this web site is Dyslegia — with a “g” – it is a play on the words “dyslexia” and “legislation”.

      We are not trying to spell “dyslexia” (with an X) — because this site is not a general info site about dyslexia, it is about legislation that pertains to dyslexia. So we created a new word as the “brand” for this site.

      We also own the web site — which does have a broader focus.


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