State Dyslexia Laws

Listed below are current state laws related to dyslexia. You can click on column heads to re-order the list. as needed.

If you know of a specific statute that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below.

You will also find reports and publications issued by various states here:  Resource Links: State Educational Resources.

Table updated July 3, 2020

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2020 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2020.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, key word, status, or bill number. 
Table updated November 27, 2020

For a searchable table of US State laws on dyslexia enacted or amended in previous years, see our page, State Dyslexia Laws.

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Illinois – 2011-2012 – HB4084 – Dyslexia Pilot Project

Amends the School Code. Requires the State Board of Education to establish a pilot project to provide early screening and intervention services for children with risk factors for dyslexia, subject to appropriation. Requires the State Superintendent of Education to select 3 school districts to participate in the pilot project.

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Illinois – 2011-2012 – HB 287 – Limits on Grade Retention

Amends the School Code. Creates the Committee on the Retention of Students. Provides that, prior to retention in a grade, a school district must submit the names of all students determined by the school district to not qualify for promotion to the next higher grade and the reason for that determination.

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