2019 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists more than 75 bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2019.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, key word, status, or bill number. 
Table updated May 23, 2019

StateBill TitleIntroducedStatusBill IDTrackLast Action
AlabamaAlabama Literacy Act4/9/19PassedHB 388Legiscan2019-05-15 / Engross
AlabamaAlabama Literacy Act4/9/19PendingSB 263Legiscan2019-04-09 Senate Read for the first time and referred to the Senate committee on Education Policy
ArizonaDyslexia Screening in Schools1/31/19EnactedSB 1318Legiscan2019-05-08 / Pass
Chapter 198
ArkansasRequired Structured Literacy for Dyslexia1/23/19PassedSB 153Legiscan2019-02-11
Notification that SB153 is now Act 83
ArkansasYouth Dyslexia Screening4/2/19PassedSB 677Legiscan2019-04-11 Senate DELIVERED TO GOVERNOR.
ArkansasPrison Inmates - Dyslexia Screening & Services3/29/19PassedSB 664Legiscan2019-04-18 / Pass
Notification that SB664 is now Act 1088
CaliforniaUniversity Collaborative on Neurodiversity and Learning2/22/19PendingAB 1703Legiscan2019-05-08 / Intro
[Hearing: May 16]

To Assembly Appropriations Committee
ColoradoResearching Effective Methods for Dyslexia1/25/19PendingHB 1134Legiscan2019-04-27 / Engross
Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
ConnecticutStandards for detection of dyslexia1/11/19PendingHB 5178Legiscan2019-01-11 House Referred to Joint Committee on Education
ConnecticutImplementation of statewide reading program; required grade 3 retention3/7/19PendingSB 1019Legiscan2019-03-28 / Intro
To Joint Appropriations Committee
ConnecticutDyslexia Task Force3/13/19PendingSB 1067Legislan2019-04-29 / Engross
House Calendar Number 517
Connecticut Dyslexia Advisory Council1/23/19PendingSB 195Legiscan2019-01-23 Senate Referred to Joint Committee on Education
Connecticut Dyslexia Task Force1/25/19PendingHB 6224Legiscan2019-01-25 House Referred to Joint Committee on Education
District of ColumbiaDyslexia Screening And Prevention Pilot2/19/19PendingCouncil Bill 230150Legiscan2019-02-22
Notice of Intent to Act on B23-0150 Published in the DC Register
GeorgiaSchool dyslexia screenings1/17/19PendingHB 40Legiscan2019-04-02
Legislature in Recess until Januay 2020
GeorgiaIdentification of Children with Dyselxia1/30/19PassedSB 48Legiscan2019-04-05 Senate Senate Sent to Governor
KentuckyEarly identification of dyslexia1/8/19Failed in CommitteeHB 8Legiscan2019-03-28 Adjourned Sine Die
MarylandScreening for Reading Difficulties2/7/19Failed in CommitteeHB 690Legiscan 2019-04-10 - Adjourned Sine Die
MarylandAt-Risk Screening2/4/19EnactedSB 734Legiscan2019-05-13 / Pass
Approved by the Governor - Chapter 512
MinnesotaDyslexia teacher training1/14/19PendingSF 114Legiscan2019-01-14 Senate Referred to E-12 Finance and Policy
MinnesotaDyslexia specialist duties modification3/4/19PendingSF 2027Legiscan2019-03-04 Senate Referred to E-12 Finance and Policy
MinnesotaDyslexia Screening Requirement1/31/19PendingSF 651Legiscan2019-02-07 Senate Referred to E-12 Finance and Policy
MinnesotaFunding for teacher dyslexia training2/4/19PendingSF 772Legiscan2019-02-11 Senate Referred to E-12 Finance and Policy
MinnesotaFunding for teacher dyslexia training 3/7/19PendingHF 2239Legiscan2019-03-07 House Referred by Chair to Education Finance Division
MinnesotaDyslexia screening required2/21/19PendingHB 1412Legiscan2019-03-04
To House Education Policy Committee
MinnesotaDyslexia Specialist Duties Modified1/24/19PendingHF 329Legiscan2019-01-24 House Introduction and first reading, referred to Education Polic
MinnesotaDyslexia screening required2/21/19PendingHB 1496Legiscan2019-04-03 / Intro
To House Education Policy Committee
MinnesotaTeacher preparation, dyslexia1/17/19PendingSF 196Legiscan2019-01-17 Senate Referred to E-12 Finance and Policy
MinnesotaDyslexia teacher training1/14/19PendingSF 123Legiscan2019-01-22
To Senate E-12 Finance and Policy Committee
MinnesotaDyslexia Instruction for teachers2/21/19PendingHB 1494Legiscan2019-03-27 / Intro
To House Education Policy Committee
MinnesotaRequired Dyslexia Instruction in Teacher Training1/24/19PendingHF 328Legiscan2019-02-07 To House Education Policy Committee
MississippiDyslexia Therapy Scholarship Standards1/8/19Failed to PassSB 2029Legiscan2019-02-05
Died In Committee
MississippiRequired Dyslexia Coordinators1/15/19Failed to PassHB 496Legiscan2019-02-05
Died In Committee
Mississippi Loan Forgiveness for Dyslexia Therapists1/11/19EnactedHB 150Legiscan2019-04-16 / Pass
Approved by Governor
MissouriFunding for Dyslexia ScholarshipsPrefiledPendingHB 33Legiscan2019-03-05
To House Specialon Student Accountability Committee
MissouriFunding for Dyslexia Scholarships1/8/19Failed in CommitteeHB 476Legiscan2019-05-13 / Intro
Reported Do Not Pass (H) - AYES: 3 NOES: 7 PRESENT: 0
MissouriReading Intervention Policy1/9/19PendingSB 73Legiscan2019-02-12
To Senate Education Committee
MissouriSchool Plans for Reading Success1/8/19PendingHB 464Legiscan2019-04-30 / Intro
Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 6 NOES: 3 PRESENT: 0
MissouriSchool Reading Intervention Policy2/6/19PendingSB 349Legiscan2019-05-09 / Intro
Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
MontanaDyslexia Screening & Intervention1/17/19EnactedSB 140Legiscan2019-05-01 / Pass
(S) Signed by Governor
New JerseyState Dyslexia website2/1/18PendingAB 2811Legiscan 2018-02-01
To Assembly Education Committee
New JerseyState Dyslexia website2/1/18PendingSB 1128Legiscan2018-01-25 Senate Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee
New JerseyAssistive Technology Pilot Program1/9/18PendingAB 1694Legiscan2018-01-09 Assembly Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee
New JerseyAssistive Technology Pilot Program3/8/18PendingSB 2218Legiscan2018-03-08 Senate Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Education Committee
New MexicoDyslexic Student Early Interventions1/29/19PassedSB 398Legiscan2019-03-14 / Enroll
Senate has concurred with House Amendments
New YorkRequired interventions for dyslexia5/8/19PendingSB 5608Legiscan2019-05-08 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkRequired Dyslexia Interventions4/12/19PendingAB 7210Legiscan2019-04-12 Assembly referred to education
New YorkMandatory K-2 Dyslexia ScreeningSame as AB 5259PendingSB 4341Legiscan2019-03-07 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkMandatory Dyslexia Screening2/8/19PendingAB 5259Legiscan2019-03-05 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
New YorkRequired teacher training in dyslexia1/28/19PendingSB 2675Legiscan2019-01-28 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New York Establishes schools for dyslexic students in large city districts3/27/19PendingAB 6911Legiscan2019-03-27 Assembly referred to education
New York Disability / Definition of Dyslexia5/9/19PendingAB 7536Legiscan2019-05-09 Assembly referred to education
North DakotaDyslexia Screening, Teacher Training1/14/19EnactedHB 1461Legiscan2019-05-02 / Pass
Signed by Governor 05/01
OhioDyslexia Screening Program3/12/19PendingSB 102Legiscan2019-03-21 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
OklahomaAnnual teacher trainingPrefiledPendingHB 1141Legiscan2019-02-04 House First Reading
OklahomaFirst grade screening; teacher trainingPrefiledPendingHB 1326Legiscan2019-02-05
To House Common Education Committee
OklahomaAnnual Training for Dyslexia2/4/19EnactedHB 1228Legiscan2019-04-04 / Pass
Approved by Governor 04/04/2019
OklahomaTeacher training and dyslexiaPrefiledPendingSB 299Legiscan2019-02-05
To Senate Education Committee
Rhode IslandPayment for Teacher Training2/14/19PendingHJR 5386Legiscan2019-04-30 / Intro
To House Finance Committee
Rhode IslandTeacher training in reading disabilities1/10/19WithdrawnH 5071Legiscan2019-02-06
Withdrawn at sponsor's request
Rhode IslandDyslexia Screening2/27/19PendingSB 401Legiscan2019-02-27
To Senate Education Committee
Rhode IslandRequired School Screening and Services for Dyslexia2/14/19PendingHB 5426Legiscan2019-04-03 / Intro
To House Health, Education and Welfare Committee
Rhode IslandRight to Read Act3/21/19PendingHB 5887Legiscan2019-05-15 / Intro
To House Health, Education and Welfare Committee
Rhode Island Dyslexia Screening & Treatment3/14/19PendingSB 543Legislan2019-03-14 Senate Introduced, referred to Senate Education
TennesseeAccommodations for dyslexia on licensing exams2/5/19Substituted (HB 252)SB 759Legiscan2019-05-09 / Pass
Comp. became Pub. Ch. 243
TennesseeAccommodations for dyslexia on licensing exams1/29/19EnactedHB 252Legiscan2019-05-09 / Pass
Pub. Ch. 243
TennesseeTiered Dyslexia Intervention2/5/19Pending SB 760Legiscan2019-03-27 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
TennesseeRequired School Services for Dyslexia1/29/19PendingHB 253Legiscan2019-04-03 / Intro
Taken off notice for cal in s/c K-12 Subcommittee of Education
TexasDyslexia to qualify for compensatory educational services3/8/19Passed HouseHB 1632Legiscan2019-04-25 / Engross
To Senate Education Committe
TexasAllotment to Schools for Dyslexic Students3/4/19PendingHB 2961Legiscan2019-03-12 / Intro
To House Public Education Committe
TexasDyslexia Therapy License Requirement3/8/19PendingHB 3244Legiscan2019-03-13 House Referred to Public Education
TexasSchool compliance with dyslexia screening requirements 3/7/19PassedSB 2075Legiscan2019-05-19 Senate Reported enrolled
TexasAudiobooks Notice3/8/19PendingSB 2185Legiscan2019-03-21 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
TexasDyslexia to qualify for compensatory educational services2/27/19PendingSB 1241Legiscan2019-03-07
To Senate Education Committee
TexasReport on dyslexia prevalence among incarcerated2/27/19PendingHB 2540Legiscan2019-04-18 / Intro
No action taken in committee
TexasDyslexia Therapist Licensing4/24/19Passed - Pending Conference ReconciliationHB 2847Texas Legislature05/23/2019 S Senate appoints conferees
TexasMonitoring School Compliance with Dyslexia Screening1/30/19PendingHB 1199Legiscan2019-04-17 / Intro
Committee report sent to Calendars
UtahExtends Reading Disabilities Intervention Program12/28/18EnactedSB 37Legiscan2019-03-22 Governor Signed in Lieutenant Governor's office for filing
VermontDyslexia Screening, teacher training2/26/19PendingHB 406Legiscan2019-02-26
To House Education Committee
WisconsinDyslexia Guidebook3/22/19PendingAB 110Legiscan2019-04-18 House Public hearing held
WisconsinEmploying State Dyslexia Specialist2/28/19PendingAB 50Legiscan2019-03-18 / Intro
To House Education Committee
WyomingK-3 reading assessment and intervention 1/28/19EnactedSB 297Legiscan2019-02-28 Assigned Chapter Number 155

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