This site is maintained by Davis Dyslexia Association International to report and track pending legislation in the United States. DDAI supports laws that meet the following goals:

  • Increase awareness about dyslexia and divergent thinking styles;
  • Promote scientific research into brain function and dyslexia, including  research focused on exploring the perceptual gifts and creative talents of dyslexic people;
  • Encourage educational research into alternative, innovative and emerging approaches for teaching students with dyslexia and atypical learning styles;
  • Provide greater opportunities for dyslexic children and adults;
  • Promote educational initiatives that increase options for parents and students and provide individualized support for children with dyslexia.

We have created this blog-based web site as a resource for sharing information about legislative initiatives, as a forum for discussion and exploration of policy issues, and as a communications tool to encourage citizen participation and involvement with their representatives in government.

This site was created during the summer of 2009 and does not track or reference legislation introduced in earlier legislative sessions.  Statutes that were enacted in previous years can be found by reviewing the table on the State Dyslexia Laws page.

Please feel free to post comments on any pending bill or action.

If you have specific concerns or problems related to this site, please contact [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about Davis Dyslexia Association International and its activities, please visit www.dyslexia.com.