New Mexico -2019 – SB 398 – Dyslexic Student Early Interventions

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Requires screening and early intervention for dyslexia. Requires each school district to develop and implement a literacy professional development plan that includes structured literacy training by a licensed and accredited or credentialed teacher preparation provider for all elementary school teachers and for training in evidence-based reading intervention for reading interventionists and special education teachers working with students demonstrating characteristics of dyslexia or diagnosed with dyslexia.

2019 New & Pending Legislation

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Table updated October 4, 2019

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New Mexico – 2010 – HB 230 – Dyslexic Student Intervention

early identificationAn act relating to special education; requiring interventions for students displaying characteristics of dyslexia. Defines dyslexia and requires schools to provide research-based interventions for all students showing characteristics of dyslexia and experiencing difficulty in learning to read or write.

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