2023 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or being acted upon in various state legislatures during 2023.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, keyword, status, or bill number. 

Table updated November 4, 2023

For a searchable table of US State laws on dyslexia enacted or amended in previous years, see our page, State Dyslexia Laws.

StateBill Title/SubjectBill IDStatusCurrentXRefTracking Last Action
ArizonaTeacher Training - Literacy CoachesHB 2060EnactedChapter 170Legiscan2023-06-19
Chapter 170
ArkansasLiteracy ScreeningSB 294EnactedACT 237Legiscan2023-03-14 / Pass
Notification that SB294 is now Act 237
CaliforniaDyslexia risk screeningSB 691IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-05-18
To Senate Appropriations Committee
CaliforniaUniversal ScreeningsAB 1450IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2023-03-09 / Intro
To Assembly Education Committee
ColoradoDyslexia ScreeningSB 181Failed in CommitteeLegiscan2023-03-20 / Fail
Senate Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely
Connecticut Dyslexia Legislation StudySB 798IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-01-19 Senate Referred to Joint Committee on Education
Connecticut Higher Education CollaborativeSB 842IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-01-20 Senate Referred to Joint Committee on Education
FloridaReading Strategies -- Exclusion of MSV (3-Cueing)SB 758IntroducedSenateSB 1424Legiscan2023-03-15 / Intro
Withdrawn from further consideration
FloridaReading Instructional StrategiesSB 1424IntroducedSenateSB 758Legiscan2023-05-03 / Intro
Laid on Table, refer to CS/CS/HB 7039
FloridaStudent OutcomesHB 7039EnactedChapter No. 2023-108SB 1424, SB 758Legiscan2023-05-17 Approved by Governor
GeorgiaEstablish Georgia Council on LiteracySB 211EnactedAct 8Legiscan2023-04-13 Signed by Governor
GeorgiaEarly Literacy ActGA HB 538EnactedAct 9Legiscan2023-04-13 Signed by Governorr
IllinoisDyslexia Handbook SB 343IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-02-27 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
Indiana Science of ReadingHB 1558EnactedGovernorPublic Law 243Legiscan2023-05-04 House Signed by the Governor
IowaDyslexia Service Provider GrantsHF 129IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-02-06 / Intro
Tabled until future meeting. Vote Total: 2-1.
IowaAdvanced dyslexia specialist endorsement competitive grant HF 104IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-02-06 / Intro
To House Education Committee
KentuckySchool Dyslexia PoliciesHB 82IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-01-04 House to Committee on Committees (H)
KentuckyEstablish Statewide Reading Research CenterSB 156EnactedGovernorLegiscan2023-03-22 / Pass
signed by Governor
KentuckyCommon Comprehensive Reading ProgramHB 389IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-02-23 House to Education (H)
LouisianaDyslexia ScreeningHB 69EnactedAct 266Legiscan2023-06-09
Effective date: 08/01/2023.
LouisianaDyslexia StudyHR 261PassedLegiscan2023-06-08
Taken by the Clerk of the House and presented to the Secretary of State in accordance with the Rules of the House.
Louisiana Student RetentionHB 12EnactedAct 422Legiscan2023-06-27 House Signed by the Governor. Becomes Act No. 422.
Massachusetts Literacy InstructionHB 579IntroducedHouseSB 263
[Hearing: Jun 6 @ 1:00 pm]
[Hearing: Jun 6 @ 1:00 pm]
To Joint Education Committee
Massachusetts Literacy InstructionSB 263IntroducedSenateHB 579Legiscan2023-05-30
[Hearing: Jun 6 @ 1:00 pm]
[Hearing: Jun 6 @ 1:00 pm]
To Joint Education Committee
MichiganPrescreening for DyslexiaSB 567IntroducedSenateSB 568Legiscan2023-10-05 Senate Referred To Committee On Education
MichiganDyslexia Resource GuideHB 5098IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-10-05 House Referred To Committee On Education
MichiganTeacher TrainingSB 568IntroducedSenateSB 567Legiscan2023-10-05 Senate Referred To Committee On Education
MichiganSpecial EducationHB 5135IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-10-12 House Referred To Committee On Education
MinnesotaEvidence Based Literacy InstructionHF 1013IntroducedHouseSF 1257Legiscan2023-01-30 House Introduction and first reading, referred to Education Policy
MinnesotaEvidence Based Literacy InstructionSF 1257IntroducedSenateHF 1013Legiscan2023-02-06 Senate Referred to Education Finance
MinnesotaREAD Act, Literacy CurriculumHF 629IntroducedHouseSF 1273Legiscan2023-03-16 / Intro
[Hearing: Mar 21 @ 10:30 am]

To House Education Finance Committee
MinnesotaREAD ActSF 1273IntroducedSenateHF 629Legiscan2023-03-20 / Intro
To Senate Education Finance Committee
MississippiSchool Dyslexia EvaluationsHB 781FailedHouseLegiscan2023-01-31 / Fail
Died In Committee
MississippiDyslexia Therapy ScholarshipHB 752FailedSenateLegiscan2023-02-28 / Fail
Died In Committee
MississippiSpecial Needs Act EligibilityHB 27FailedHouseLegiscan2023-01-31 / Fail
Died In Committee
MississippiDyslexia Therapy Scholarship - CALTHB 1200FailedSenateSB 2809Legiscan2023-02-28 / Fail
Died In Committee
MississippiDyslexia Therapy Scholarship - CALTSB 2809FailedSenateHB 1200Legiscan2023-01-31 / Fail
Died In Committee
NevadaVideo Cameras in Special Ed ClassroomsSB 158FailedLegiscan2023-06-06 / Fail
(No further action taken.)
NevadaBill of Rights - Pupils with DisabilitiesSB 315EnactedChapter 374Legiscan2023-06-13
Chapter 374. (Effective July 1, 2023)
New HampshireReading Assessment & InterventionHB 437IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-09-05 House Subcommittee Work Session: 10/02/2023
New JerseyAssistive Technology for Dyslexic Students (Pilot)AB 2617IntroducedAssemblySB 2062LegiscanCarry Over of previous A2231
New JerseyState Dyslexia WebsiteA 2971IntroducedHouseLegiscanCarry Over of previous A2868
New JerseyAssistive Technology Pilot ProgramSB 2062IntroducedSenateAB 2617Legiscan2022-03-03 Senate Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Education Committee
New JerseyServices for Students with DyslexiaSB 2084IntroducedSenateLegiscan2022-03-03 Senate Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Education Committee
New MexicoDyslexia ScreeningHB 285IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-10 House HGEIC: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation
New YorkIncarceration - Dyslexia Screening and InterventionAB 1645IntroducedAssemblySB 2304Legiscan2023-06-05
To Senate Rules Committee
New YorkDyslexia and Dysgraphia Task ForceAB 133IntroducedAssemblySB 2599Legiscan2023-05-15
substituted by s2599
New YorkDyslexia and Dysgraphia Task ForceSB 2599Passed SenateAB 133Legiscan2023-05-15
returned to senate
New YorkInsurance Coverage Dyslexia EvaluationAB 2898IntroducedAssemblyLegiscan2023-06-07
To Senate Rules Committee
New YorkEarly Dyslexia ScreeningAB 4198IntroducedAssemblySB 5232Legiscan2023-02-13 Assembly referred to education
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningSB 5206IntroducedSenateAB 408Legiscan2023-02-27 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningAB 408Introduced HouseSB 5206Legiscan2023-01-09 Assembly referred to education
New YorkEarly Screening for DyslexiaSB 5232Introduced SenateAB 4198Legiscan2023-02-27 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New YorkInsurance Coverage Dyslexia EvaluationSB 5481IntroducedSenateAB 2898Legiscan2023-05-22
To Senate Insurance Committee
New YorkIndividuals with Dyslexia Education ActAB 7101Introduced AssemblyLegiscan2023-08-14
To Assembly Education Committee
New YorkDyslexia ScreeningSB 7003IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-05-16 Senate REFERRED TO EDUCATION
New York Incarceration - Dyslexia Screening and InterventionSB 2304IntroducedSenateAB 1645Legiscan2023-05-15
To Senate Finance Committee
OhioEliminate 3rd Grade RetentionHB 117Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2023-09-13 Senate Referred to committee: Education
OklahomaSchool Reporting RequirementsSB 921PrefiledSenateLegiscan2023-02-07 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
OklahomaExemptions to ScreeningSB 154IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-02-28 Senate Reported Do Pass as amended Education committee; CR filed
OklahomaLiteracy Instruction TeamSB 1118EnactedLegiscan2023-05-25
Approved by Governor 05/25/2023
PennsylvaniaDyslexia Inclusion ExceptionalitiesHB 655IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-21 House Referred to EDUCATION
PennsylvaniaEvidence-Based Reading InstructionSB 801IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-06-15
To Senate Education Committee
TexasDyslexia & Illiteracy among InmatesHB 786Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2023-05-01 / Engross
To Senate Education Committee
TexasSpecial Education EligibilityHB 1369FiledHouseLegiscan2023-03-03 / Intro
To House Public Education Committee
TexasRegulation of Health Care Professionals including Dyslexia TherapistsHB 2324IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-09 / Intro
To House Public Health Committee
TexasHealth Plan Dyslexia Service CoverageHB 3948IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-20 / Intro
To House Insurance Committee
TexasNotification of Audiobook Lending ProgramHB 3830IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-20 / Intro
To House Public Education Committee
TexasEligibility for Special Education ServicesSB 2487IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-04-03 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
TexasAllotment of Funds for Dyslexia ServicesHB 5083IntroducedHouseLegiscan2023-03-23 / Intro
To House Public Education Committee
TexasDyslexia ScreeningHB 3928Passed SB 2140Legiscan2023-06-10
Effective immediately
TexasSpecial Education EligibilitySB 2140IntroducedSenateHB 3928Legiscan2023-04-27 Senate Left pending in committee
US21st Century Dyslexia ActHB 6052IntroducedHouseSB3121Legiscan2023-10-25 House Referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
US21st Century Dyslexia ActSB3121IntroducedSenateHB 6052Legiscan2023-10-25 Senate Read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.
VirginiaStudent Literacy MeasuresHB 1526EnactedChapter 645Legiscan2023-03-26 / Pass
Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 645 (effective 7/1/23)
West VirginaDyslexia and Dyscalculia SupportHB 3462IntroducedHouseHB3293Legiscan2023-02-14 House To House Education
West VirginiaThird Grade Success Act: School Literacy Support; RetentionSB 274Passed SenateHouseLegiscan2023-03-07 / Engross
To House Finance Committee
West VirginiaRequire Dyslexia ScreeningSB 433IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-01-23 / Intro
To Senate Education Committee
West VirginiaReading Instruction & InterventionHB 3035EnactedLegiscan2023-03-11 / Pass
Approved by Governor 3/21/2023 - Senate Journal
West VirginiaDyslexia Educational SupportHB 2393Passed HouseSenateLegiscan2023-02-17 / Engross
To Senate Education Committee
WisconsinReading Instruction & InterventionAB 321EnactedAct 20LegiscanReport approved by the Governor on 7-19-2023. 2023 Wisconsin Act 20
WisconsinReading Instruction & InterventionSB 329IntroducedSenateLegiscan2023-06-28 Senate LRB correction (Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Substitute Amendment 1)

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