2023 New Laws Enacted

This table lists new laws related to dyslexia that have been enacted in 2023.  The table includes a global search utility, allowing search by state, keyword, status, or bill number. 

Table updated March 25, 2023

For a searchable table of US State laws on dyslexia enacted or amended in previous years, see our page, State Dyslexia Laws.

StateSubjectBill TextCode SectionsHistory
ArkansasLiteracy ScreeningArkansas LegislatureLEARNS Act: Arkansas Code Title 6 (Multiple provisions)Arkansas Legislature | Legiscan
KentuckyEstablish Statewide Reading Research Center23 RS SB 156KRS 164.0207Kentucky Legislature | Legiscan
West VirginiaReading Instruction & InterventionHouse Bill 3035§18 - 2 E- 13 (New Code)West Virginia Legiislature | Legiscan

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