2018 New & Pending Legislation

This table lists bills that are pending or acted upon in various state legislatures during 2018
Table updated January 2, 2019

StateSessionBill TitleStatusBill IDIntroducedSession EndTrackLast Action
Alaska2017-2018Dyslexia Task ForceEnactedSB 27; HB 641/25/175/16/18HB64 SB 272018-07-16 SIGNED INTO LAW 7/12 CHAPTER 52 SLA 18
Arizona2018School Reading RequirementsEnactedHB 25202/1/184/21/18Legiscan Summary2018-05-16
Governor Signed
D.C.2017-2018Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Screening and Prevention Pilot ProgramFailedDC 2200791/24/1712/31/18Legiscan SummaryDied in Chamber
Florida2018Comprehensive reading plans and interventionsFailedSB 130612/19/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryDied in Appropriations
Illinois2017-2018Funds for Dyslexia ScreeningFailedHB 5071/23/171/9/19Legiscan summaryHouse Rules Committee
Indiana2018Dyslexia Provisions in IEPEnactedSB 2171/4/183/14/18Legiscan summary2018-03-15
Public Law 95
Kansas2017-2018Legislative Task ForceEnactedHB 26022/1/185/4/18Legiscan Summary2018-04-26
House Approved by Governor on Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Kentucky2018Defines dyslexia; requires screening & interventionEnactedHB 1871/11/184/13/18Legiscan summary2018-04-02
signed by Governor (Acts, ch. 88)
Maryland2018Students With Reading Difficulties – Screenings and Interventions PassedSB 548, HB 9101/31/18Adjourned Sine DieSB 548 | HB
Third Reading Passed (136-0)
Maryland2018Teachers and Teacher Preparation Programs – Research–Based Reading
3 Instruction
FailedSB 638; HB4932/1/18Adjourned Sine DieSB 638 | HB 493Hearing: Feb 28 @ 1:00 pm; Health & Environmental Affairs / Pending inHouse Ways & Means
Massachusetts2017-2018Definition of DyslexiaReplacedHB 3301/23/171/2/19Bill History2018-04-11
Accompanied a new draft, see H4394
Massachusetts2017-2018Relative to DyslexiaReplacedSB 3131/23/171/2/19Legiscan Summary2018-04-19
Accompanied a new draft, see S2443
Massachusetts2017-2018An Act relative to students with dyslexia.ReplacedSD 1498, SB 2941/23/171/2/19Bill History2018-04-19
Accompanied a new draft, see S2443
Massachusetts2017-2018Defining and Screening for DyslexiaReplacedHB 43944/11/181/2/19Legiscan Summary2018-04-11 House Bill reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on House Ways and Means
Massachusetts2017-2018Relative to students with dyslexiaReplacedS24434/19/181/2/19Legiscan summary2018-07-18 Senate New draft substituted, see S2607
Massachusetts2017-2018Relative to students with dyslexiaEnactedS26077/16/181/2/19Legiscan Summary2018-10-19 Signed by the Governor, Chapter 272 of the Acts of 2018
Massachusetts 2017-2018Dyslexia Definition & Educational GuidelinesReplacedHB 28723/20/171/2/19Bill History2018-04-11
Accompanied a new draft, see H4394
Minnesota2017-2018Teaching Training in Dyslexia StrategiesFailedSF 2455; HF 30132/20/18 Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SF 2455 | HF 3013Died in House Education Finance Committee
Mississippi2018School District Dyslexia CoordinatorFailedHB 251/2/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryFailed; Died in House Education Committee
Mississippi2018Requirements for private schools participating in Dyslexia Scholarship ProgramFailedHB 10181/12/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryFailed; Died in House Education Committee
Mississippi2018 Specifies Intervention Services for Dyslexia FailedSB 23591/15/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryFailed; Died in Senate Education Committee
Mississippi2018Mississippi Educator Dyslexia Awareness Act Of 2018FailedHB 1401, HB 14021/15/18Adjourned Sine DieHB1401; HB 1402Failed, Died in House Education Committee
Missouri2018K-3 Reading Intervention ProgramFailedHB 1417; SB 94912/4/17Adjourned Sine DieHB 1417 | SB 9492018-05-18 House H Informal Calendar Senate Bills for Third Reading w/HCS
Nebraska2017-2018Interim Dyslexia StudyFailedLR 2225/10/17 Adjourned Sine DieBill HistoryLegislature Education Committee
Nebraska2017-2018Instruction and teacher education related to dyslexiaEnactedLB 10521/17/18 Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan Summary2018-04-18
Approved by Governor on April 17, 2018
New Jersey2018State Dyslexia websitePendingSB 1128, AB 28112/1/1812/31/18AB 2811 | SB 1128Assembly Education Committee / Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee
New York2017-2018Pilot program, Dyslexia screening and InterventionFailedAB 7086; SB 27674/4/17Adjourned Sine DieAB 7086 - SB 27672018-06-20
To Senate Rules Committee
New York2017-2018Required Certification of Dyslexia TeachersFailedAB 1480; SB 25341/12/17Adjourned Sine DieAB 1480 Status; SB 2534 statusAssembly Education Committee / Senate Education Committee
New York2017-2018Dyslexia DefinitionFailedSB 5867; AB 76395/3/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SB 5867 | AB 76392018-04-20 Assembly amend and recommit to education
New York2017-2018Tiered Services for Learning DisabiltiesFailedAB 501, SB36301/9/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan A501 | Legiscan S 3630Assembly Mental Health Committee; Senate Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee
North Carolina2017-2018Kindergarten Screening for DyslexiaFailedSB 4183/29/176/30/18 Legiscan SummaryDied in Committee
Oklahoma2018Modifies definition of learning difficultiesEnactedSB 9291/4/18 5/25/18Oklahoma Legislature2018-05-07
Approved by Governor
Oklahoma2018Addition to Dyslexia Task Force EnactedHB 33132/5/18 5/25/18Legiscan Summary2018-05-10
Approved by Governor
Pennsylvania2017-2018Definition including dyslexiaFailedHB 12714/4/1711/30/18Legiscan summaryDied in Committee
Pennsylvania2017-2018Dyslexia Intervention Pilot ProgramEnactedSB 7766/16/1711/30/18Legiscan summary2018-06-19
Act No. 37
Rhode Island2018Professional Development for Reading DisablitiesFailedHB 70071/3/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan summaryHouse Health, Education and Welfare Committee: Committee recommended measure be held for further study
Rhode Island2018Partial Fee Waiver for Dyslexia CertificationFailedH 71191/11/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan Summary2018-02-14 House Committee recommended measure be held for further study
South Carolina2017-2018Universal Screening FailedHB 34141/11/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryDied in Committee; Similar to Passed HB 4434
South Carolina2017-2018Teacher Certification and Read to Succeed ActFailedHB 34153/22/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SummaryDied in Committee
South Carolina2017-2018Universal ScreeningEnactedHB 443412/13/17Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan Summary2018-05-31
Act No. 213
Tennessee2017-2018Extends term of dyslexia advisory council EnactedSB 1537 | HB 1645 1/10/184/27/18SB1537 |HB 16452018-03-22
Signed by Governor.
Pub. Ch. 594
Tennessee2018Dyslexia Advisory Council - Report DeadlineFailedSB 2587, HB 20031/31/184/27/18SB 2587 | HB 2003Died in Committee
Virginia2018Teacher Education - Dyslexia CourseworkEnactedSB 368; HB 12651/9/18Adjourned Sine DieLegiscan SB 368 | HB12652018-03-09 Governor: Approved by Governor-Chapter 282 (effective 7/1/18)
Washington2017-2018Dyslexia- definition and early screeningEnactedSB 6162; HB 27961/10/183/8/18Legiscan SB 6162 | HB 27962018-03-15 Signed by Governor