2 thoughts on “Massachusetts – 2018 – SB 2607 – Students with Dyslexia”

  1. Please note the error in the spelling of Dyslexia on the title page should read Dyslexia not Dyslegia.

    • The name of this website is Dyslegia — with a G. Not Dyslexia, with an X. We have a separate, different website called dyslexia.com

      This is a website that follows the progress of legislation related to dyslexia.

      So instead of calling our site DyslexiaLegislation.com or something similar, we came up with the idea of “dyslegia.”

      Sometimes when you see things spelled differently than you expect, it’s intentional. In general, I think you can assume that when the site title matches the domain name, it’s intentional.

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