Maine – 2015-2016 – LD 231 – Schoolchildren with Dyslexia

MaineAn Act To Ensure That Schoolchildren with Dyslexia Receive the Assistance Needed. 

This measure requires one or more local units of government to expand or modify activities so as to necessitate additional expenditures from local revenues but does not provide funding for at least 90% of those expenditures.

Defines dyslexia and other terms.  Requires that students in grades K-2 who are identified by the classroom teacher as having difficulties with reading skills shall be screened for dyslexia.

Establishes the position of Dyslexia Coordinator within the Department of Education, to develop plans to implement dyslexia awareness training for teachers and professional development in “evidence-based” screening practices.

2 thoughts on “Maine – 2015-2016 – LD 231 – Schoolchildren with Dyslexia”

  1. What action is currently being pursued by the newly established coordinator for dyslexia awareness training for teachers in Maine that will impact students in this current school year?

    • You will need to contact the Department of Education in Maine to find that out. This web site only tracks and reports on the legislative process — not what happens after a law is passed.

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