Wyoming – 2012 – SF52 – Dyslexia Screening and Response

AN ACT relating to reading assessment and intervention; requiring assessment and early intervention for dyslexia and other reading difficulties; requiring a report; and providing for an effective date. Provides: Each school district shall design and implement a  reading screening program that measures student reading progress and attempts to identify dyslexia and other  reading difficulties as early as possible in kindergarten  through grade three (3).  In addition to a universal screening instrument, the department of education shall identify standardized assessment instruments utilized to identify dyslexia and other reading difficulties.  The program shall be multi-tiered and shall include various interventions to encourage remediation of any reading difficulty as early as possible.

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  1. This bill started with the concern of a homeschooling parent in Wyoming. Kelly Attebury removed her daughters from school because of difficulty getting testing and services for dyslexia. She shared her story with her state senator; he agreed that the law needed to be changed and introduced the bill that has now become law. You can read Kelly’s story here:

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