US – 2009-2010 – S2740 – LEARN Act (Literacy Education for All)

children in a classroomLiteracy Education for All, Results for the Nation Act (LEARN Act) – Authorizes the Secretary of Education to award grants to states for comprehensive planning to improve the literacy of children from birth through grade 12.
Directs the Secretary to award competitive grants to states to implement their comprehensive literacy plans for such children through: (1) competitive subgrants to local educational agencies (LEAs) or early learning programs to carry out certain high quality early literacy initiatives for children from birth through kindergarten entry; (2) competitive subgrants to LEAs or LEAs in partnership with nonprofit literacy organizations for certain initiatives to improve the literacy of students in kindergarten through grade 12, provided such LEAs have jurisdiction over a significant number or percentage of underperforming schools and serve high need areas; and (3) state activities that include providing technical assistance to subgrantees, coordinating literacy programs and resources throughout the state, disseminating information on promising literacy programs, and enhancing the credentials of literacy instructors.
Gives subgrant priority to applicants serving a high number or percentage of impoverished children and, for those serving students from kindergarten through grade 12, a high number or percentage of students reading and writing below grade level.
Requires the Secretary to: (1) contract with an independent organization for a five-year national evaluation of the implementation and effect of the literacy initiatives supported by this Act; and (2) provide technical assistance and information on literacy instruction to educational entities.
Authorizes the Secretary to withhold this Act’s funding from states and subgrantees, and states to withhold funding from subgrantees, whose initiatives are not making significant progress in improving student literacy.