Colorado – 2019 – HB 1134 – Researching Effective Methods

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Concerning researching effective methods for assisting early-grade students with dyslexia, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

The bill directs the commissioner of education (commissioner) to convene a working group to analyze state and national data and practices concerning identification and support of students with dyslexia and to recommend dyslexia screening tools and processes, a statewide plan for identifying and supporting students with dyslexia, and educator training in recognizing and providing interventions for students with dyslexia. The working group must submit a report of its recommendations to the commissioner, and the commissioner must submit the report to the state board of education and the education committees of the general assembly.

The bill directs the department of education (department) to establish a pilot program to assist school districts, boards of cooperative services, and charter schools (local education providers) in using READ act assessments to screen for dyslexia and in providing interventions for students who are identified as having dyslexia. At the completion of the pilot program, the department must evaluate the effectiveness of the screening and interventions, refine the resources used, and disseminate the resources used to all local education providers in the state. The department must also provide technical assistance in implementing the resources at the request of a local education provider..