South Carolina-2018-HB 4434- Universal Screening

South CarolinaTo define necessary terms, to require the state department of education to provide a universal screening tool for use by local school districts to screen students in kindergarten through second grade for characteristics of dyslexia beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.

To provide specific abilities that the screening tool must measure.

To provide that parents and other certain parties may request this dyslexia screening for a student.

To require local school districts to convene school-based problem-solving teams to analyze screening data and progress monitoring data to assist teachers in planning and implementing appropriate instruction and evidence-based interventions for all students.

Tto require dyslexia-specific interventions for students indicated by screenings to have characteristics of dyslexia; to require the department to provide related professional development resources for educators.

To require the state board of education to promulgate certain related regulations; and to create a dyslexia advisory council to advise the department in matters relating to dyslexia.