Hawaii – 2013-2014 – HB 675 – Dyslexia Awareness and Standards

dyslexia awarenessPromotes awareness of the definition and characteristics of dyslexia and other similar learning disorders. Requires DOE to provide professional development to teachers relating to students with dyslexia. Requires the Hawaii teachers standards board to establish licensure standards for reading specialists.

The purpose of this Act is to support students with dyslexia and other literacy challenges by implementing a comprehensive plan requiring the department of education to:

(1)  Improve awareness of, and strengthen support for, persons with dyslexia;

(2)  Enhance the reading, writing, and spelling skills of all students, including students with dyslexia;

(3)  Provide professional development opportunities that specifically relate to students with dyslexia or other literacy challenges;

(4)  Establish licensure standards for teachers, including reading specialists, relating to the needs of students with dyslexia or other literacy challenges; and

(5)  Coordinate with the University of Hawaii, the Hawaii teacher standards board, and the board of education to implement this Act.