New Jersey – 2012-2013 – AR 129/SR 91 – Dyslexia Teacher Certificate

teacher trainingThis resolution urges the State Board of Education to develop an endorsement to the instructional certificate for teachers of students with dyslexia and to establish eligibility and training requirements for the endorsement. The resolution encourages the board, in developing the endorsement and its eligibility and training requirements, to consider the recommendations contained in the International Dyslexia Association’s 2010 publication Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading, as well as requirements developed by other states, such as Texas, for certification of individuals who work with students who have dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-Based learning disability that causes core difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling. Dyslexia affects students of all backgrounds and intellectual levels and is the most common learning disability in children. Students with dyslexia can effectively learn and succeed with appropriate educational interventions and teaching methods for their specific learning disability. Effective educators of students with dyslexia need considerable knowledge, skills, training, and expertise. A State endorsement to the instructional certificate for teachers of students with dyslexia will help ensure that children in New Jersey who struggle with this learning disability will have access to teachers who are specifically trained in appropriate instructional methods to help them learn and achieve at their fullest potential.

Update, March 2013:  The Assembly committee amended the bill to urge: that the endorsement developed by the State board be for teachers of students with reading disabilities rather than only for teachers of students with dyslexia; and that the State board work with colleges and universities in the development of instructional programs for candidates for the endorsement.