Illinois – 2011-2012 – HB4084 – Dyslexia Pilot Project

Amends the School Code. Requires the State Board of Education to establish a pilot project to provide early screening and intervention services for children with risk factors for dyslexia, subject to appropriation. Requires the State Superintendent of Education to select 3 school districts to participate in the pilot project. Sets forth provisions concerning district qualifications and requirements, the duration and goal of the pilot project, consultation, reporting, and rules. Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, allows teachers institutes to include instruction on the indicators of dyslexia, which instruction must be provided by a dyslexia specialist. Effective immediately.

2 thoughts on “Illinois – 2011-2012 – HB4084 – Dyslexia Pilot Project”

  1. I spoke with Representative Jakobssons’ office and they said it died in committee “because they felt it was good enough to talk about it and by talking about it brings the subject to the table” and “The bill will not be brought back and revisited.” My question is good enough for who? Evidently none of those voting on this bill has a dyslexic child who is struggling in school or is struggling with the school to get them to recognize that there is a problem. Are these politicians working for us, or are they having coffee and bagels and discussing subjects assuming that this is good enough. I have called my Representative Darleen Sanger and asked to be called to discuss this subject. I still haven’t received a call. Are they all of vacation or are they all “discussing” important issues? Let’s pave some more roads instead of making sure our kids don’t feel stupid as they try to make their way through school in the state of Illinois where they don’t seem to care about the laws of discrimination against those that are diagnosed with dyslexia. Illinois needs to step up their game and get a clue from Texas!!!

  2. As a dyslexia specialist with 37 clients that I see twice a week plus a waiting list, I am appalled that the latest session for HB4084 ended sine die. These very bright children, who cannot read, are falling through the proverbial cracks because our state legislature will not address their needs. Those needs being: teacher universities in the state of Illinois being required to include symptoms of dyslexia and means to “fix” it in their curricula, for all education majors. Require that all current teachers be taught about the symptoms of dyslexia, so they are able to make referrals to the child’s counselor or principal. Early screening will change lives–the child’s and the family’s life and our country’s because if these talented individuals are taught how to read they will change our country. If you doubt that, watch “Rethinking Dyslexia” directed by James Redford with scientific advisors Drs.Bennett and Sally Shaywitz of Yale Medical Center and read The Dyslexic Advantage by two doctors from the state of Washington. Please reconsider this bill.

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