Virginia – 2010 – HB 558 – Early Intervention

Provides for (i) early reading intervention services for students in grades K-3 who demonstrate deficiencies; (ii) mathematics intervention services to students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 who are at risk of failing the Algebra I end-of-course test; and (iii) local school division flexibility in the use of state funding designated for Standards of Learning Algebra Readiness; Standards of Quality Prevention, Intervention, and Remediation; Early Reading Intervention; and instructional technology resource teachers.

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Georgia – 2010 – SB361 – Georgia Early HOPE Scholarship

Amends Georgia Code relating to the scholarship program for special needs students, so as to expand eligibility for the program; to rename the scholarship the “Georgia Early HOPE Scholarship”; to revise definitions; to provide for additional notification of the program; to provide for additional state funds to be included in the scholarship payment;

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