State Dyslexia Laws

Listed below are current state laws related to dyslexia. You can click on column heads to re-order the list. as needed.

If you know of a specific statute that should be added to the list, please leave a comment below.

You will also find reports and publications issued by various states here:  Resource Links: State Educational Resources.

Table updated October 16, 2021

StateYear of EnactmentTitle or SubjectCitation/Link
Alabama2015Dyslexia provisions of Administrative CodeSection 20
Alabama2019Alabama Literacy ActHB 388
Alaska2018Legislative Task Force on Reading Proficiency and Dyslexia.CHAPTER 52 SLA 18
Arizona2021; 2019; 2018; 2017; 2015Dyslexia Screening & InterventonArizona Revised Statutes 15-211 (K-3 Reading program); 15-501.01 (Requirements for Teachers) 15-701 (Promotion & Retention), 15-704 (Reading Proficiency) - - 2019 Amendments
Arizona2017Dyslexia HandbookArizona Revised Statutes 15-249.07
Arkansas2017; 2015Dyslexia Definition, Screening, Instruction Arkansas Code 6-41-601 to 6-41-610 (2015 Code)
Arkansas2019Right to Read ActArkansas Code § 6-15-2914(b), § 6-17-429(c), § 6-17-429(e)-(g)
Arkansas2019Required Dyslexia Services for Incarcerated Youth and AdultsArkansas Code 6-41-602, 6-41-602, 9-31-501, 9-31-502, 9-31-503
Arkansas2021Certified Academic Language TherapistsArkansas Code § 6-41-612 | Engrossed Bill Text
California2007; 1990Teacher Training: "Encourages" universities and schools to provide training in recognizing and teaching for dyslexiaCalifornia Education Code 44227.7 and 56245
California2011; 1992Definitions and Eligibility for Special Education ServicesCal. Ed. Code 56245 and 56337
California2015Special Education: Dyslexia program guidelinesCalifornia Education Code 56334, 56335
California 2021Teacher CredentialingEducation Code 44259 (Bill Text
Colorado2008Assessment and identification of students with literacy challenges including dyslexiaColorado Revised Statutes 22-2-133
Colorado2019Dyslexia Research Working GroupColorado Revised Statutes, Title 22, Article 20.5 - Signed Act
Colorado2020, 2019Pilot Program for DyslexiaColo. Rev. Stat. § 22-20.5-104
Connecticut2017; 2016; 2015Dyslexia Assessment & Instruction; Teacher TrainingConnecticut general statutes 10-14t (Reading Assessment), 10-145a (Teacher Training), 10-145d(Teacher Training),10-220a (In-service training)
Connecticut2021, 2019Dyslexia Law Implementation Task ForcePublic Act No. 21-168 | Special Act 19-8
Delaware2015Alternate forms of assessment for LD students; IEP and intervention for children not reading at age 7Delaware Code Title 14, §151(j) (Alternate Assessment); §3110(e) (Reading IEP)
District of Columbia2020Dyslexia Screening and Prevention Pilot ProgramD.C. Act 23-548
Florida2017School Community Professional Development ActFlorida Statutes 1012.98 (11)
Florida2021Early Learning & Student LiteracyFlorida Statutes, Section 1008.2125: Coordinated Screening and Progress Monitoring -
Section 1008.25 Reading Deficiency and Parental Notification - Section 1012.585 Renewal of professional certificates
Bill Text - HB 419 | Bill Text - HB 7011
Georgia2019Dyslexia Screening & ServicesGeorgia Code 20-2-159.6, 20-2-208, 20-2-208.1
Illinois2016; 2014Definition of Dyslexia and Advisory group105 ILCS 5/2-3.161
Indiana2015Dyslexia Definition; Teacher TrainingIndiana Code §20-18-2-3.5 (Definition of Dyslexia); IN Code §20-20-1-13 (Teacher in service training for dyslexia); IN Code §20-28-3-5 (Teacher education, dyslexia referral)
Indiana2018Dyslexia Screening and InterventionEnrolled Act 217
Iowa2014Dyslexia AssistanceIowa Code 279.68.2d(3)(a)
Iowa2016Teacher TrainingIowa Code 256.16
Iowa2020Dyslexia Definition & Teacher TrainingIowa Code 2020, Section 256.7, subsection 3; Section 256.9, subsection 60; Section 256.32A; Section 272.2, subsection. 23; Section 273.2, subsection 11; Section 273.3, subsection 25; Section 279.68, subsection 2, paragraph d,subparagraph (3), subparagraph division (a). Section 279.72.
Kentucky2012Early Education Assessment and InterventionKRS CHAPTER 158.305 (Added), KRS 157.200 (Amended)
Kentucky2012Definitions of Dyslexia and Related TermsHB 69
Kentucky2018Ready to Read ActKRS 158 - new section (engrossed bill)
Louisiana2013Dyslexia Testing and RemediationRevised Statutes 17:7(11)
Louisiana2009Universal dyslexia screening and intervention - Pilot ProgramLouisiana Revised Statutes 17:24.11
Louisiana2010, 2009Decisions of Board of Parole: Exempting individuals with dyslexia from certain conditions premised on educational attainmentLouisiana Rev Statutes 15:574.4.2 (E)
Louisiana2005, 2003, 1990, 1989, 1987, 1986Testing pupils' sight and hearing; testing for dyslexia;Lousiana Rev. Statutes 17:2112
Louisiana2010 (numerous amendments since 1975)Duties of State Board of Elementary and Secondary EducationRevised Statutes 17:7(11)
Louisiana2021, 1997, 1992Screening and Intervention for School Success Revised Statutes 17:392.1
Louisiana2020Revised Definition of Dyslexia Lousiana Rev. Statutes 17:7(11)(d)(i) and 17:2112(B)
Maine2015Dyslexia Screening; Dyslexia CoordinatorMaine Revised Statutes Title 20-A,§4710-B
Maryland2019Dyslexia ScreeningChapter 512 - Education 1-101(a) and (f); 4-135
Massachusetts1983Exempting students with dyslexia from standardized college entrance examsMassachusetts General Laws Ch 15A Sec. 30
Massachusetts2018Students with DyslexiaGeneral Laws Section 57; Amendments to Section 1 of chapter 287 of the Acts of 2012 Bill Text
Minnesota2016Reading Proficiency; Dyslexia ReportingMinnesota Statutes 120B.12; 125A.56, subdivision 1
Minnesota2015Definition of DyslexiaMinnesota Statutes 125A.01
Minnesota2017Dyslexia Specialist Minnesota Statutes 120B.122
Minnesota2019Dyslexia Identification & ScreeningMinnesota Statutes section 120B.12, subdivision 2
Minnesota2019Teacher Education ProgramsMinnesota Statutes section 122A.092, subdivision 5
Mississippi2017; 2012Dyslexia Therapy ScholarshipMS Code Title 37, Chapter 173 (2015 code)
Mississippi2007; 2001; 1999; 1997; 1996; 1994Pilot programs for testing and educational remediation for dyslexia and related disorders.
Mississippi Code 37-23-15
Mississippi2019Loan Forgiveness for Dyslexia Teachers Mississippi Code Sections 37-106-71, 37-106-57
Missouri2012Policy for Reading InterventionMissouri Revised Statutes, Section 167.268
Missouri2016Dyslexia ScreeningMissouri Revised Statutes Section 167.950.1
Missssippi2021Dyslexia Education Requirements Mississippi Code Sections 37-173-9 (Bill Text)
Montana2019Montana Dyslexia Screening and Intervention ActTitle 20, chapter 7, part 4
Nebraska2017Adds and Defines Dyslexia for purposes of Special EducationNebraska Revised Statute 79-1118.01 (6), (13)
Nebraska2018Dyslexia Screening and InterventionSlip Law - LB 1052
Nevada2015Dyslexia Screening and ServicesNevada Revised Statutes 388.439 through 388.447
New Hampshire2016Screening and Intervention for DyslexiaNH RSA 200:58 (Definitions) 200:49 (Screening & Intervention) 200:60 (Reading Specialist) 200:61 (Teacher Training) 200:62 (Dyslexia Resource Guide)
New Jersey2013Screening for Dyslexia NJ Rev Stat § 18A:40-5.2 (Distribution of Information)NJ Rev Stat § 18A:40-5.3 (Screening) NJ Rev Stat § 18A:40-5.4(Comprehensive Assessment)
New Jersey2013Definitions relative to Reading Disabilities: NJ Rev Stat § 18A:40-5.1
New Jersey 2013Professional Development related to reading disabilities
New Mexico2010Intervention for students displaying characteristics of dyslexia.NMSA 22-13-6 (Definition of Dyslexia) NMSA 23-13-32 (Intervention)
New York2017Education Guidance MemorandumNew York Education Code Sec. 305, subdiv. 56 (added 2017)
North Carolina2017Students with Dyslexia and DyscalculiaSession Law 127
North Dakota2019Dyslexia Screening Pilot ProgramNorth Dakota Century Code 15.1-32
North Dakota2021Dyslexia Specialist CredentialingNorth Dakota Century Code 15.1-02-16 (Bill Text)
Ohio2012Pilot Project - Early Intervention and ScreeningRevised Code 3323.01 (inclusion of dyslexia); Revised Code 3323.25 (Pilot Project)
Oklahoma2012Pilot Dyslexia Teacher Training ProgramOklahoma Statutes, Title 70, Section 7001
Oklahoma2016, 2018Definition of Specific Learning Disability including Dyslexia70-18-109.5; 2018 Amendment
Oklahoma2019Annual Dyslexia Awareness Training in SchoolsOklahoma Statutes, Title 70 Section 6-194
Oklahoma2020Required Dyslexia ScreeningOklahoma Statutes Title 70, Section 1210.520 (Bill Text)
Oklahoma2021State Dyslexia HandbookOklahoma Statutes Title 70, Section 1210.517 (Bill Text)
Oregon2017; 2015Dyslexia Provisions OR Rev Stat § 326.726 (dyslexia specialist school screening); OR Rev Stat § 342.950 (teacher training)
Pennsylvania2014Dyslexia Intervention Pilot ProgramPublic Law 773, No. 69
Rhode Island2016Dyslexia-targeted literacy assistanceRI Statutes 16-67-2
Rhode Island2019Right To Read ActRhode Island Statutes 16-11.4-6
Rhode Island2019Education of Children with DyslexiaRhode Island Statutes 16.67.2-1, 16.67.2-2, 16.67.2-3, 16.67.2-4, 16.67.2-5
South Carolina2018Universal ScreeningTitle 59, Chap 33, Art 5
South Dakota2020Define DyslexiaSection 13-37-28.1
Tennessee2019; 2016Dyslexia Screening and InterventionTennessee Code §49-1-229
Tennessee2019Required Accommodations for Dyslexia on State Licensing ExamsTennessee Code Annotated, Title 4, Chapter 19
Tennessee2021Literacy Success ActTennessee Code Annotated, Title 49, Chapters 1, 5, & 6. | Bill Text
Tennesseee2020, 2018Dyslexia Advisory BoardTennessee Code Annotated, Section 4-29-241 (a) and Section 4-29~248(a)
Texas2011Classroom technology for dyslexiaTexas Education Code Section 38.0031
Texas2019, 2017, 2011, 1995Screening and Treatment for Dyslexia and Related DisordersTexas Education Code §38.003
Texas2021, 2011Educator Preparation for DyslexiaAmendments to Texas Education Code Sections 21.054, 21.4552
Texas2015; 2009Licensed Dyslexia Practitioners and Licensed Dyslexia TherapistsOccupations Code, Ch. 403
Texas2011Retesting University students for dyslexiaTexas Education Code Section 51.9701
Texas2011Examination Accommodations For Person With DyslexiaTexas Occupations Code 54.003
Texas2017Dyslexia Specialist at Regional CentersEducation Code Section 8.061
Texas2021, 2019Monitoring School ComplianceTexas Education Code Section 7.028(a); 28.006 Subsections (g-2) and (1); 38.003, Subsection (c) and (c-1) | Bill Text
Texas2019School District Dyslexia AllotmentTexas Education Code Sec. 48.103
Texas 2017Special Education Transition PlanningEducation Code 29.011; 20.0112 (b), (e); 29.017
Utah2019; 2015Interventions for Reading Difficulties ProgramUtah Code Title 53A Chapter 15 Part 1 Section 106
Virginia2017Dyslexia Advisor in Public Schools § 22.1-253.13:2 of the Code of Virginia (Amendment to Section G)
Virginia2016Teacher Training, Dyslexia AwarenessVirginia Code § 22.1-298.1(8)-Regulations governing licensure | § 22.1-298.4. Teacher preparation programs; learning disabilities
Virginia2018Required university coursework in dyslexiaVirginia Code §23.1-902.1
Virginia2021Reading Standards & InterventionCode of Virginia 22.1-253.13:1
Virginia2021Special Education Policies & Procedures Virginia Code Chapter 22, Article 1, Sections 214, 214.4, 215, 25.13:4, 298.1 (Bill Text)
Washington 2009Individuals with dyslexia — Identification and instruction Revised Code of Washington 28A.300.530
West Virginia2014Dyslexia and dyscalculia definedWest Virginia Code §18-20-10
Wisconsin2020Dyslexia GuidebookActs 86
Wyoming2019; 2012Assessment and Early InterventionWyoming Statutes 21-3-110(a)(xxiii) ; W.S. 21-3-401
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69 thoughts on “State Dyslexia Laws”

  1. My grandson lives in Morgan co. Lacys spring al. He has been in special reading classes since kindergarten. He’s now 15 tells me he cannot read or spell. Is frustrated. How do we get the public school system to test for dyslexia

  2. Is there any word about Dyslexia laws in Vermont. We are watching as the state tries to eliminate the word and meaning. Replacing it with the term specific learning disability, instead of using dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Any Idea who we can contact to get this action to stop and get laws on in our state to protect our children and future generations.

    • There is a bill pending in the Vermont Legislature – House Bill 406 – related to dyslexia screening and teacher education. It is currently assigned to the House Committee on Education.

      We are tracking this on our table of pending legislation for 2009 – at

      You can also track progress directly on the Vermont legislature site at — you will find the name of the bill sponsor there, and a link you can use to contact her office to share your concerns.

      • thank you Davis Dyslexia. We are in a battle now watching the teachers and psychologist using the term specific learning disability saying there is no definition of dyslexia in the law. We believe it is written in federal law, just not at the state level. Yet.
        Our next IEP meeting is this Thursday. Do you have any good talking/arguing points?

      • You might find the information and links on this page helpful, as to the federal law —

        Keep in mind that if your child qualifies for an IEP under the label “specific learning disability” related to reading or writing, then that is the same as dyslexia. The label the school gives won’t make any difference in terms of the services offered. So if you are in a battle — be sure that it’s a battle worth fighting.

        The current bill pending in the Vermont legislature has this definition:

        “Dyslexia” means a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin, characterized by difficulties with accurate or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities, that typically results from a deficit in the phonological component of language and that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

        Link to full text:

        I bolded the parts of the definition that specify the core difficulties that are tied to dyslexia. So if your school is using the phrase “specific learning disability” tied to any one of those symptoms, you have what you need for an IEP.

      • Our student has been in an IEP for three years. The trouble is because the state of vt does not recognize dyslexia on law but a definition under sld, there is no training required for teachers. So there is one teacher for the students to share and she is not too good at it. Our student is in 8th grade and has a 5th grade level at reading and 4th at math. She is caught in this school that can not help her and against the IDEA this student is being left behind. The language in the IEP states that the student has a specific learning disability and that the Parents think she has dyslexia. It is a battle. We are not battling that they say the word dyslexia but battling that they can not help her learn! Our student clearly shows spectrums of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Her math teach, english teacher, have no idea how to teach her and it is starting to affect the child’s mental well being. We are on the verge of withdrawing her from school and home schooling. Using Susan Barton method and a VLax program.

      • Schools offer tutoring programs but they don’t address the underlying causes of dyslexia. Consider a Davis program for your student — if the student is reading at a 5th grade level, the student is already beyond the level where a phonics-based tutoring program would help. The student needs strategies for fluency, comprehension, and easeful reading. There are Davis Facilitators in New Hampshire, including one who is on the state border with Vermont. A Davis program could provide a significant boost, and the program would include support training that would give you the knowledge needed to continue with followup as part of your homeschooling plan.

      • thank you. We will pursue this. We thought that davis dyslexia was your screen name, we did not realize it was a person. We just checked out the davis site and we will look into the NH people. Thank you and may God bless you!

  3. Add Texas Dyslexia Handbook Revised 2014, Texas Education Agency.
    They are working on another revision now. I don’t see that here.


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