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Update: On May 20 the State Senate passed a substitute bill with several changes to the House Bill, including removal of the section regarding dyslexia licensing. This means that, as currently worded, the Senate Committee Substitute for HB 2847 does not contain provisions that would change dyslexia licensing requirements in Texas. We want to acknowledge and thank the many Texas parents and educators who took the time to make their objections known in advance of the Senate Committee hearings.

What this means: The bill can still be changed, so we will keep monitoring until a final version is either passed or voted down. The next steps in the process are: (1) A Conference Committee with members from both legislative houses will meet to resolve differences in the House and Senate versions. (2) Final votes will be taken in each house on the version of the bill proposed by the Conference Committee.

Why we were concerned: The language contained in this proposed law would force learning centers throughout Texas to shut down, and will force many private tutors to give up their work. It would also place burdens on homeschoolers and other parents working with their own dyslexic children. The bill was written by Texas Representative Miller and initially introduced as HB 3244. After HB 3244 failed to progress in committee, Rep. Miller added its provisions to a different bill, HB 2847, as a floor amendment, allowing its passage in a hurried setting without hearing or debate.

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Texas – 2019 – HB 2847 – Prohibition of Unlicensed Dyslexia Services

State of Texas

Update: The Dyslexia Amendment has been removed from HB 2847 during the Senate Committee Hearing Process. The Senate Committee Substitute has no provisions impacting dyslexia services or licensing in Texas.

HB 3244 2847 as currently previously written would have outlawed the provision of private services for dyslexia of any kind except by persons licensed as multisensory structured language education (MSLE) therapists. We are strongly opposed to any law that would impose unprecedented state licensing requirements on providers of services for dyslexia.

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