2017 New & Pending Legislation

The table below lists bills that introduced or acted upon in various state legislatures during 2017:

(Table updated on February 4, 2018)

StateSessionBill TitleBill IDIntroducedSession EndStatusOutcome
Alaska2017-2018Dyslexia Task ForceSB 27; HB 641/25/175/17/17HB64 SB 27Carries over to 2018
Arizona2017Defines DyslexiaSB 11311/18/174/28/17Bill HistoryPassed
Arizona2017Dyslexia Handbook; DefinitionHB 22021/17/174/28/17Bill HistoryPassed
Arkansas2017Dyslexia Screening and InterventionSB 7081/19/175/5/17Bill HistoryPassed - Act 1039
Connecticut2017Required Training for Special Education TeachersHB 72543/9/176/7/17Bill HistoryPassed; Public Act No. 17-3
D.C.2017-2018Dyslexia and Other Reading Disabilities Screening and Prevention Pilot ProgramDC 2200791/24/1712/31/18Bill HistoryCarries over to 2018
Illinois2017-2018Funds for Dyslexia ScreeningHB 5071/23/178/31/17Legiscan summaryHouse Rules Committee; carries over to 2018
Kentucky2017Dyslexia Screening & InterventionHB 3072/10/173/30/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee (Rules)
Maryland2017Dyslexia Education Pilot Program Advisory BoardHB 12642/10/174/19/17Legiscan suimmaryDied in Committee (Ways and Means)
Massachusetts2017-2018Definition of DyslexiaHB 3301/23/171/2/19Bill History
Massachusetts2017-2018Relative to DyslexiaSB 3131/23/171/2/19Legiscan Summary
Massachusetts2017-2018An Act relative to students with dyslexia.SD 1498, SB 2941/23/171/2/19Bill History
Massachusetts 2017-2018Dyslexia Definition & Educational GuidelinesHB 28723/20/171/2/19Bill History
Minnesota2017-2018Dyslexia and literacy specialist requiredHB 6681/30/175/22/17Bill History
Replaced by HF 2 (Omnibus Education Bill)
Minnesota2017-2018Omnibus Education Finance BillHF 2 (90th Legislature 1st Special Session)5/23/175/25/17Bill HistoryPassed: Dyslexia Specalist Provisions in 120B.122
Dyslexia and literacy specialist employmentSB 4531/27/175/22/17Bill HistoryReplaced by HF 2 (Omnibus Education Bill)
Dyslexia CoordinatorHB 4211/5/174/2/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee
Mississippi2017 Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship HB 1034, HB 1036, HB 10461/16/174/2/17Bill HistoryPassed
Mississippi2017Hinds County Dyslexia Therapy Pilot ProgramHB 10471/3/174/2/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee
Mississippi2017Dyslexia Forgivable Loan ProgramHB 9121/6/173/29/17Bill HistoryDied on Calendar
Mississippi 2017Dyslexia ScreeningsHB 4431/5/174/2/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee
Nebraska2017-2018Interim Dyslexia StudyLR 2225/10/174/2/18Bill History
Nebraska2017-2018Add dyslexia for purposes of special educationLB 6451/18/174/2/18Bill HistoryPassed ( Section 79-1118.01 (6) Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska)
New Jersey2016-2017Pilot Program Assistive TechnologyAB 32442/22/161/9/18Bill HistoryWithdrawn
New Jersey2016-2017DOE Pilot Program for assistive technologyAB 50236/19/171/9/18Legiscan SummaryDied in Committee
New Jersey2016-2017State Dyslexia websiteSB 1333, AB 30192/11/161/9/18Bill HistoryDied in Committee
New York2017-2018Dyslexia Guidance MemorandumA 8262; S 658106/02/1712/31/17Bill StatusPassed and signed by Governor
New York2017-2018Pilot program, Dyslexia screening and InterventionAB 7086; SB 27674/4/1712/31/17AB 7086 - SB 2767Carries over to 2018
New York2017-2018Required Certification of Dyslexia TeachersAB 1480; SB 25341/12/1712/31/17AB 1480 Status; SB 2534 statusCarries over to 2018
North Carolina2017-2018Students with Dyslexia and DyscalculiaHB 1492/21/179/9/17Bill
Passed & Signed by Governor
North Carolina2017-2018Kindergarten Screening for DyslexiaSB 4183/29/179/9/17Bill HistoryCarries over to 2018
Oklahoma2017Dyslexia HandbookHB 20082/6/175/26/17Legiscan summaryPassed; Approved by Governor 5/15/2017
Oregon2017Screening Tests for DyslexiaSB 10033/2/177/10/17Bill HistoryPassed; ORS 326.726 a
Pennsylvania2017-2018Definition including dyslexiaHB 12714/4/1711/30/17Legiscan summaryHouse Education Committee
Pennsylvania2017-2018Dyslexia Intervention Pilot ProgramSB 7766/16/1711/30/17Legiscan summaryEducation Committee
Rhode Island2017Dyslexia Certificate FundingHJR 60754/5/177/14/17Bill HistoryDied In Committee
South Carolina2017-2018Universal ScreeningHB 34141/11/176/9/17Bill HistoryCarries over to 2018
South Carolina2017-2018Teacher Certification and Read to Succeed ActHB 34153/22/76/9/17Legiscan SummaryCarries over to 2018
Texas2017Dyslexia Therapist Licensing RequirementHB 11311/18/175/29/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee
Texas2017Dyslexia TestingHB 18862/14/20175/29/17Bill HistoryPassed
Virginia2017Dyslexia Advisor in Public SchoolsSB 7591/22/162/25/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee
Virginia2017Required District Reading Specialist with Dyslexia TrainingHB 2395; SB 15161/18/172/25/17Bill HistoryPassed
West Virginia2017Education & Assessment, Dyslexia and DyscalculiaHB 30233/14/174/8/17Bill HistoryDied in Committee