Wisconsin – 2019-2020 – AB 110 – Dyslexia Guidebook


This bill requires the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to develop a guidebook for parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators regarding dyslexia and related conditions.

To develop the guidebook, the state superintendent of public instruction must establish an advisory committee, whose membership shall be determined in consultation with the International Dyslexia Association—Wisconsin Branch, Inc. (IDA), and the Wisconsin State Reading Association, Inc. (WSRA). Representatives from IDA and WSRA also serve as cochairpersons on the advisory committee.

The advisory committee must submit to DPI a draft guidebook containing at least all of the following information: (1) a description of screening processes and tools available to identify dyslexia and related conditions, (2) a description of interventions and instructional strategies that have been shown to improve academic performance of pupils with dyslexia and related conditions, and (3) a description of resources and services related to dyslexia and related conditions that are available to pupils with dyslexia and related conditions, parents and guardians of such pupils, and educators.

The advisory committee must submit its draft guidebook to DPI within one year of appointment of all members of the advisory committee. DPI must publish the final guidebook within three months after it receives the draft guidebook from the advisory committee. Any school board that maintains an Internet site must include a link to the guidebook on its Internet site. Finally, DPI must review the guidebook once every three years, in consultation with IDA and WSRA.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin – 2019-2020 – AB 110 – Dyslexia Guidebook”

  1. I’m curious as to where to find the guidebook? I have looked all over the internet for it and directly on the DPI website and couldn’t find it.

    • This ia a new law which was only passed in February, 2020, and which requires the DPI to appoint an advisory committee to develop a guidebook. The committee has one year from the time all members have been appointed to submit a draft to the DPI; and after that the DPI will have to publish within 3 months. So if evertything happens on schedule, you might expect to see the guidebook published some time in 2021.

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