Indiana – 2018 – SB 217 – Dyslexia School Requirements

Indiana state outlineRequires the following:

(1) A school multidisciplinary team must include information about dyslexia in a
student’s educational evaluation if the multidisciplinary team determines that the student is eligible to receive special education and related services and has or has characteristics of dyslexia.

(2) Information about dyslexia must be:

(A) discussed by the student’s case conference committee if information about dyslexia is included in the student’s educational evaluation; and

(B) included in the student’s  individualized education program if the case conference committee determines that the information should be included. Requires school corporations and charter schools to screen each student in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2; and certain other students.

Establishes requirements regarding dyslexia screenings, notifications to parents, and dyslexia intervention services (including instructional approaches). Requires school corporations and charter schools to:

(1) use the response to intervention process to address needs of students who are determined to have characteristics of dyslexia; and

(2) obtain parental consent before administering a level I dyslexia screening or a levelII dyslexia screening.

Allows a student’s parent to elect to have an independent comprehensive dyslexia evaluation of the student.

Requires school corporations and charter schools to report annually to the department of education (department) regarding the number of students who were: administered the initial dyslexia screening during the school year; and determined to be atrisk, or at some risk, for dyslexia.

Requires a school corporation and charter school to report on the school corporation’s or charter school’s Internet web site certain information regarding dyslexia.

Requires, not later than July 1, 2019, the department to employ at least one dyslexia specialists. Establishes
the requirements for a dyslexia specialist; and services the dyslexia specialist is required to provide. Requires, not later than the 2019-2020 school year, each school corporation and charter school to employ at least one individual to serve as a dyslexia interventionist for the school corporation or charter school. Requires, not later than the 2019-2020 school year, the department to ensure that each teacher receives professional awareness information on dyslexia. Requires the department to develop and update an Indiana dyslexia resource guide.