Texas – 2011 – SB 866 – Public School Students with Dyslexia

Relating to the education of public school students with dyslexia, the education and training of educators who teach students with dyslexia, and the assessment of students with dyslexia attending an institution of higher education.

1 thought on “Texas – 2011 – SB 866 – Public School Students with Dyslexia”

  1. Note re committee amendment and Senate substitute version:

    As originally introduced, this bill contained language requiring all public school students be tested for dyslexia, “regardless of the grade level at which they enroll”, and that treatment be provided for students “regardless of grade level”. The original bill also required that school districts provide parents of kindergarten students with information about characteristics of dyslexia.

    These specific provisions have been eliminated from the Senate Committee Substitute (the bill as passed out of committee.)

    Texas Education Code 38.003 already requires that students enrolling in Texas public schools be tested for dyslexia, but makes no specification as to age or grade level. See: http://law.onecle.com/texas/education/38.003.00.html for current law.

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