Kentucky – 2011 – HB 17 – Early Education Assessment

AN ACT relating to early education assessment and intervention. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 158 to define “aphasia,” “dyscalculia,” dyslexia,” “phonemic awareness,” and “scientifically based research”; require the Kentucky Board of Education to promulgate administrative regulations for district-wide reporting on the use of K-3 response-to-intervention implementation in reading by August 1, 2012, in mathematics by August 1, 2013, and behavior by August 1, 2014; require the Department of Education, on or before January 1, 2012, to make available technical assistance, training, and a Web-based resource to assist all local school districts in the implementation of the system and instructional tools based on scientifically based research; require the department to collaborate with other state agencies and organizations; require conformity with 20 U.S.C. sec. 1414(a)(1)(E) for initial evaluations of students with suspected disabilities; require the department to report to the Interim Joint Committee on Education on implementation by November 30, 2012, and annually thereafter; amend KRS 157.200 to conform with the federal definition of a “specific learning disability.”


SFA (1, J. Pendleton) – Amend KRS 156.502 to include chiropractors as a health professional to perform services in the schools; amend KRS 158.035 to include chiropractors as a health professional who may sign a child’s medical certificate for purposes of enrolling in school.
SFA (2/Title, D. Harper Angel) – Make title amendment.

SFA (3, D. Harper Angel) – Amend KRS 156.160 to require that preventative health care examination forms include a measure of body mass index; require the Department of Education to share aggregate data from the forms by state, school district, or county with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.