Massachusetts 2009-2010 HB 468 / 4665 – High school graduation requirements

An Act relating to high school graduation requirements for studentsgraduate with learning disabilities. Provides that any student who fails to satisfy the requirements of the competency determination may nonetheless receive a  high school diploma if the following requirements are met:

S/he has been measured by the assessment instruments described in section one I a minimum of two times and has failed to achieve the required competency level in one or more subjects;

  1. The Superintendent of Schools in the student’s district has certified that the student’s “Specific Learning Impairment”  is the proximate cause of his/her failure to achieve the required competency level(s) and that there is no generally accepted remediation for such disability that would result in the student’s achieving the required competency level(s);
  2. The student has participated in and satisfactorily completed an Educational Proficiency Plan, as defined by the Department of Education, in all subjects in which s/he has failed to achieve the required competency level;
  3. The student has met all other requirements for graduation, both district and state, and has completed the goals of the his/her Individual Education Plan to his/her and his/her parent(s) satisfaction.