How to Use this Site

How to learn more about bills:

  • To learn more about a bill, from the home page, click on the bill’s title.  This will take you to the main page for that bill.
    • At the top of every page you will see useful notes and status, such as bill status, history, and links to more information
    • That is followed by a more detailed decription of the bill
    • At the bottom, in small text, you will find information about which categories or tags have been assigned to the bill, and useful links, such as RSS feed.
    • If you have thoughts, questions, or concerns — please post a comment.

How to post a comment:

All site visitors can post comments.  In order to post you must provide a name and email address.

The first time you post, your post will be held for moderation.  (This is to help prevent spam and vandals).   Once a post has been approved, subsequent posts will be posted immediately, unless the post has some content that triggers moderation.  For example, a post with too many links might be temporarily blocked.  (Again, this helps stop spam).

Because of the moderation policy,  you will want to use the same name and email whenever you post. Don’t worry — your email address can’t be seen by other posters and it will not be shared or used for any other purpose than communicating with you about specific posts or an account you create on this site.

We welcome full and open discussion and questions.  However, keep it respectful!  It is fine if you disagree and want to discuss an issue,  but please do not insult or harass other posters.

Also, please do not use the comment function as a means of promoting commercial web sites.   Comments, or portions of comments, deemed to be spam, will be deleted at the discretion of the site moderator.

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