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  1. Denise
    May 7, 2012

    New York state NEEDS to help children with Dyslexia. My son is eleven and is in the 5th grade is dyslexic. His special ed teachers do not know how to teach a dyslexic child. I have been fighting with the school for many years, buy they always say “New York State schools are not required to recongize dyslexic, they do not have to test it, or bring in special teachers for it. I have been praying for many years for New York state to upgrade their special education laws and start helping children with dyslexia. My son can’t not write, because letters often “look like there all messed up on the board and paper”. He can not spell. His math is way way below average. Yet if you were to met my son, you wouldn’t think anything was wrong (until you saw his handwritten or heard him read) .

    Please New York law makers, if this bill isn’t passed yet, sign it into law.

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