Mississippi – 2012 – HB1031 – Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship

An act to establish the Mississippi Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship for students with dyslexia. Provides for terms of scholarship and student eligibility requirements.  Requires that all school-age children be screened for dyslexia between kindergarten and first grade.  Requires that school diagnosticians receive additional training in the identification of dyslexia. Requires the state department of education  to establish appropriate curriculum guidelines to meet the unique learning needs of children with dyslexia. Requires recognition of dyslexia as a learning disability by schools. Requires  that students with a diagnosis of dyslexia be provided an individual educational plan for receiving appropriate intervention services.

Defines dyslexia therapy as being Orton-Gillingham based; defines Dyslexia Therapist as a professional with training in Orton-Gillingham. Dyslexia scholarship supports attendance at public or private schools offering Orton-Gillingham based therapy.

Update, House Committee Substitute:  Eliminates reference to “Orton-Gillingham” based therapy. Provides that Dyslexia Scholarship is available to students with a 504 Plan rather than an IEP.  Adds requirement that dyslexia therapy in public schools be provided by a state licensed therapist, but does not specify specific requirements for dyslexia training leading to licensing.

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