Oklahoma – 2012 – HB3073 – Dyslexia Training Pilot Program

Schools; providing for the establishment of a dyslexia training pilot program through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; effective date; emergency.

From text of bill:

A. It is the intent of the Legislature that the Oklahoma State Regent for Higher Education establish a comprehensive dyslexia teacher training pilot program. The Regents shall select one or more institutions within The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education to participate in the pilot program.

B. The goal of the pilot program shall be to demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of having trained teachers who can provide early reading assistance programs for children with risk factors for dyslexia and to evaluate whether the early assistance programs can reduce future special education costs.

C. Each institution participating in the dyslexia teacher training pilot program shall provide:

1. Programs or institutes for teachers of grades kindergarten through fourth grade designed to train teachers on the indicators of dyslexia and the types of instruction that children with dyslexia need to learn, read, write and spell, including multisensory structured language programs; and

2. Instruction for teacher candidates enrolled in the elementary, early childhood education or special education program at the institution, which is incorporated into those programs and is designed to train the teacher candidates on the indicators of dyslexia and the type of instruction that children with dyslexia need to learn, read, write and spell, including multisensory structured language programs.

D. The State Regents shall establish guidelines and procedures for the pilot project.

E. Each participating institution shall report annually to the State Regents about the operation and results of the pilot program.

F. As used in this section, “dyslexia” means a specific learning disorder that is neurological in origin and that is characterized by unexpected difficulties with accurate or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities not consistent with the intelligence, motivation and sensory capabilities of the person, which difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language.

2 Responses to “Oklahoma – 2012 – HB3073 – Dyslexia Training Pilot Program”

  1. Kayla Bower Says:

    i think this statute should not be under the tab for “failed to pass.” http://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/DeliverDocument.asp?CiteID=468127

    It was passed in 2012 & became effective July 1, 2012.

  2. DDAI Says:

    Thanks for your comment. The bill that passed in Oklahoma was SB 1565 — you will see that is linked and noted as passed in the “Status” notes’ — Here’s the page for the other bill: http://www.dyslegia.com/2012/01/oklahoma-sb1565/

    It is likely that the two bills were substantially identical, but the one in the state Senate just happened to pass first.

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